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Entrepreneurs on their target and plans for the New Year

Every entrepreneur is faced with the challenge of improving products and/or service delivery to better serve customers at the turn of every year, we spoke with some and they explained how they’d tackle it…



Deem Fashion

As a fabric artist currently running a young fashion label, this year for me is all about expanding; pushing the label in a way that people get to hear about it and patronize us. We intend to achieve this via increased PR on social media, hard copy advert, one-on-one canvassing, etc.



January5 Creations

My target for the year include expanding into other areas of fashion like dressmaking and giving the brand more recognition. To achieve these, I’ll be taking courses/classes in dress designing and there will also be a lot of collaborations between what the brand is presently offering and other accessory designers.



lynmaks interior Niddle and Thread Unisex Salon

I believe 2016 will be a great year for us. I am looking at getting better hands to work with. I had nasty experience with some of my workers last year. We are planning on expanding by God’s grace. I also hope to get more clients and provide better service for the existing clients follow up those we have not seen in few months, most especially the once regular faces at the saloon. All our goals will be achieved through diligence, being focused and improving our customer service skills.



Faw Couture

My target for 2016 is to improve my business and make my family happier by providing for them. I will create new avenue and style in my fashion business. Despite the poor state of the economy, we will do better designs and get our products spread across the country.



Midline Consultant

Our target for 2016 is to double our client base which automatically increases our revenue. Basically we are doing some client acquisition drive. Now we are going out more and also visiting more relationship experts on how to relate with our client. In addition, we are holding conferences on how to manage our client and we are also using some social media platform to get clients.



I thank God for 2016. Although, things were in the down turn, that doesn’t mean those of us alive won’t have a reason to thank God. The industry wasn’t that buoyant in 2015 as expected but it was better than what we experienced in 2014 no matter how we see it. The only thing is that, nobody can say he was able to meet all his set targets. But I thank God for the whole thing. I am hoping the change agenda of the present administration manifests this year. If that’s achieved, a lot of sectors, including entertainment will surely move forward. I have good plans to strengthen my business and career but whatever it is, the economy has to be favourable first before every other thing. I pray Almighty Allah will crown our efforts this year.



Larry Gent Motors

My plan for 2016 is to go into real estate business. We are already on it and by God’s grace, it’s going to turn out well. I already consulted my banks for support and once I get that, we would set the ball rolling and by the time we get there, we will let you know. And also by God’s grace, the real estate business will turn out well.



Rougé by Mideay

My target is to expand my business, improve my marketing skills and expanding my customer base.  I’ll work on expanding a larger collection of textiles so, my customers would have more that’d interest them. I’d also work on the visibility of the brand, to expand my customer base. getting more products.



2015 has come and gone. I believe no one prays the year comes back because everything was so tight. But the only grace is that we’re still alive. I hope the Federal Government will act fast this year and not spend the whole year fighting corruption. We all need the true dividends of democracy, and that’s the only way entrepreneurs generally can say thank you to President Buhari. I have a plan to diversify my business and I am doing everything possible to achieve that starting from the beginning of this year. And by the special grace of God, 2016 will be better than 2015.



Horlahs Clothing

Target is very large. My target is to make billions, open a store and let the world know about my clothing line. First through God, publicity through social media,

making it affordable for everyone.



Our target in 2016 is to expand our business, mostly on event and partially on engineering. Basically, we want to channel more resources into event business and also do some advertising. In the engineering aspect we will channel more manpower.



Initial Concert

Our target for 2016 is for our company to be among the best in Lagos and also take our outfit to another level by going outside Lagos.

Basically we plan to achieve our target by partnering other companies and also send proposals to other companies.



Saint Andrews Pharmacy

My target is to take my business to the next level and expand and of course make more income. I will be introducing new businesses that will go with my current business. It seems one can’t make good money by doing just one business?



I Do Arts Studio

I will make people know more about the service I offer by dominating the society. I have started implementing my ideas for 2015. I have been doing more of advertising and creating awareness through all media platforms.



One-Tu Services

To increase clientele by 150 percent by the end of the year.  By marketing and setting up an outlet closer to customers.

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