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What are your real or imagined fears as a businessman and how do you tackle them in your best interest?

This forms the thrust of this week’s entrepreneurs series…


SUNNY EKEH – SE Media – My fears are losing integrity in dealing with everyone that comes across me. I am a man of integrity and I want everyone to know me with that. I am transparent, truthful, committed to my words and promises.

 DIJE BADAKI OSIME – Dehaza – The fear of folding up every time. If things are not working I feel as if all would soon collapse. More so, the economic situation of the country coupled with high rate of maintenance is not helping matters.

Persistence, doing what I do best way with quality customer relations, networking, investing in other areas and rendering quality services to sustain my customers.

JASMINE OFOEGBU – Pillars & Pride of Afrika – I want my business to be impactful to people’s lives, make them happy and promote change. My biggest fear is if that does not happen.

We teach our models the essential and basic ways to behave. They are happy and fulfilled when they get calendar jobs, billboards, etc. We also scout for new models.

MAUREEN OMOREBOKHAE – Bethsaida Makeovers – The greatest fear I had when I started doing makeup was competitors, getting jobs and publicity. I knew there were professional makeup artists everywhere, so I  knew  sooner or later competition was going to be the order of the day. So the question of, ‘Will I ever be known?’ was what I always tried to answer.

What I did to ensure my fear didn’t materialise  was continuous practice. I learn from different established make-up artists, I did a lot or research, get pictures to use as guide and try them, I studied people’s features, especially ladies. Then created my own style and here I am today.

IYKE EGWUATU – Iyke Models –My greatest fear is not meeting the goals I set out to achieve. I live each day as it comes. Things have been good, so we thank God.

JIDE ONAKOYA – Kleenrite – In every business, there is always fear of the unknown, will I succeed?  Am I on the right path? But in life, the moment you realize that life itself is a risk, you can face any obstacle. That’s my disposition about life and that’s what I have within me when going into any business.

Every business has its ups and downs, but if you are dogged and bent on succeeding, no matter what, you will overcome all risks and fears. Be watchful, vigilant, dogged and most times prayerful.

EDIOMO LINUS- Eddiegold Concept – The steps taken is that I strive to come up with innovative ideas always. I also ensure I have a customer friendly policy and relationship. Furthermore, I do perfect jobs for my customers which has brought untold referral from others.

SAIDI BALOGUN – The greatest fear about my business is piracy. It’s not a new thing in the industry but the way it’s killing the business is giving me headache. And if care is not taken, it may send us out of business.

Now, everybody is afraid of releasing his job because if you do, you will surely find the pirated copies on the street the following morning. So, what’s now the essence of your labour, time and money on the movie or album?

It’s a reality already, we’re only appealing to federal government to come to our aid.

BIOLA ADEBAJO – Evergreen’s Events – My greatest fear has to be customer dissatisfaction. They leave. I always come back, and then I don’t leave them for any reason. In the past, I’ve gone as far as spending my own money to satisfy my customers. If anything happens, I always take responsibility.

I also personally always monitor relationship between my staff and customers. So, that customer dissatisfaction is not even caused by the attitude of my staff or whatsoever.

OLUWAGBEMIGA ADAKA – Perfect Touch Events – My greatest fear is our economy. The level of competition in the labour market, working hard and having other sections, making them very effective by giving a wow effect in anything I do.

MARYAM ADEBOLA- Made Creations- My greatest fear is not getting to the top of my dreams. My dreams are too big and scary. The step being taken is, a constant reminder that nothing is impossible. I am working harder every day to achieve the dream.

SHINA BELLO- Arnad Properties & Homes – The client, most times, come for request and some don’t. I experience loss mostly when clients come for request and end up saying they are not satisfied after spending so much.

We only tend to be patient. We often hope clients change their mind or introduce other clients.

DEWUMI ODUKOYA – Legendary Wears – Most Nigerians like cheap things, forgetting that there are imitations out there. My fear is another fashion stylist passing imitations as original and me in turn losing my customers because they find it cheap.

When it comes to fake and original, I let customers understand the difference between imitation and original and the advantage of buying quality items and stuff.

TOBI AJANLEKOKO – Sprinkles and Cocktails – I really don’t have much to be scared about in my work because of the nature of my business. The only fear I may have is when my customer rejects my cake because of a complain which can be either, the cake is too sweet or the sugar is not enough or at times it may be that I did not add enough preservative.

What I would do is take my time in measuring all the ingredients during the mixture of the pastry and go the extra mile in asking my customer either he/she wants the cake sweet or not.

TOYIN OYEDOLA- Teetop Entertainment- I have no fear; it was something I started out of passion. So I didn’t start with the intention of making money. I just love anything entertainment. It was later when people were calling me for events and paying me that I went commercial.

I am just doing my job from a small one to the bigger ones, I became known.

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