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Entrepreneurs reveal their marketing strategies

What do business owners do to attract customers/clients to their products/services? If you need to know, then follow these entrepreneurs as they reveal their marketing strategies…

OLUWAGBEMIGA ALAKA – Perfect Touch Event Planner: As an event company, we always drop our fliers at any event we manage. The social media is also a very special tool – Twitter, Instagram and the rest are media we use. It has really helped because people that didn’t know us, with the help of the social media, they are calling us for jobs.

UZOR NGOLADI  Strategia Blast International Ltd. : Overtime, I have embraced online publicity and social media platforms because it has proved to be cost effective. Prospective clients easily respond to online marketing and intimate you with what exactly they want. This saves you a lot of time and energy.

It has generated a lot of awareness and profit for the business.

MINA HORSFALL – M.I.S.H Concepts Ltd: I do adverts through social network plus print media and word of mouth. For now, once I’m done with my new office and shop on the Island, we will take it further. So far, so good, it’s working but very slow for now.

OGUNWALE GBEMISOLA – Fakozi Couture: My marketing strategy is mainly via referrals. As a designer, your best bet to market yourself is through the quality of your work. My outfits and designs attract more customers for me. So, it’s basically through word of mouth, and I always encourage customers to tell a friend to try us out if they’re satisfied with our work.

It’s been working perfectly because we’re always getting calls from people who got recommendations from satisfied customers.

LADIPO ADEMOLA – Swift Asset Track: Basically, 90 percent of our marketing and promotions is done online and through social media. It has been fantastic in that we get the opportunity to relate effectively with our clients and potential clients.

IGWE PRINCESS – Infinity Caterers Limited: First, I use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, BBM, etc, to market my business. Also, I ensure I drop my complimentary cards at strategic places at top functions. I do promotions and adverts as a strategy to sell my brands too. The strategies have worked greatly to influence my business positively.

UGO STEVENS – Bullight Movies: I educate and empower my employees, feed them well about my products, goods and services. Then, I send them out to scout for consumers of my product. I educate them on what I call market and follow up.

Yes, it has been productive, and I have seen results.

QUEEN AYO BALOGUN – The strategies I adopt include, good public relations, studying my clients to understand what they want, and also give them exactly how they want it, if not more.

Make punctuality my priority and quality packaging at all times. All these and more make my clients comfortable, and they also make my brand of music sell like hot cake. They have worked, and still working for me like magic.

DEWUNMI ODUKOYA – Legendary Wears: I had to come up with a delivery service. I had to work on my PR because some clients are hooked up with work and are willing to pay for delivery. Social networking has also helped a lot. We have some attractive offers in order to attract more clients and giving back to them in our own little way. For example, buy 5-shirts and get one for free.

It has really helped increase our customer base and credibility. It has also brought our customers closer to us and has increased sales.

JIDE ONAKOYA – Kleenrite: We advertise on social media, we do promo and flyers. But the best advert to me is word of mouth. It has increased sales tremendously.

MR. LATIN – The only strategy I adopt is marketing my product in what I am known for. I don’t have any other business than entertainment, and I need to serve my clients, of course my fans diligently.

Doing that will give them the confidence to ask for more. I thank God, the strategy has been paying off.

MAUREEN OKOGBWU-IKOKWU – Sunny Rose Couture: To market Sunny Rose, we use social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We have our press department in Paris. They take care of all our media affairs all around the world. You see us in magazines and blogs. They all talk about our brand.

We will be having more branches in Nigeria and then we move to Accra, Ghana a lot. Now, Sunny Rose is known all over the world because of our constant presence online and that at the end translates to more money for us.

LANRE AKINYEMI – Product 7 Clothings: We do fashion shows in Lagos and Abuja. That alone is helping to promote our brand all around. We are also on the social media – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We have a lot of followership online.

We get more online requests for our products.

SHINA BELLO – Arnad Properties & Homes: One of the strategies I adopt is networking. I make sure I network with other people that might be useful for my business. I also engage in public relations.

So far, I can say it has been working really well for my business.

REMI MICHAEL – Mic Prefab Concept: I market business online. Everything in Nigeria now is all about internet. I advertise and also do public relations. Yes, it has been working well for me since I started.

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