Eppi Fanio clocks 70, bounces back with Farofa

Farofa music will come alive again when its exponent, Prince Adebambo Ephiphanio Joseph (a.k.a Eppi Fanio) turns 70 on Saturday, January 11, 2014. To celebrate this milestone, friends and family members of the musician, producer, metrologist, retired but not tired civil servant and author, will gather at LCCI Banquet Hall, Alausa, Lagos at 12noon of the D-Day to rejoice with the man who plans to re-launch back to the music industry with this birthday party.

Eppi Fanio’s journey to the music industry has been eventful. He is one of those who lit up the scene in the ‘70s, which many called the glory days of the music business, until the present resurgence of the hip-hop generation.

His brand of music, called Farofa, is defined as a mixed grill of all genres, which had influenced the amiable, indefatigable star while his Farofa Dances, are a synthesis of Nigerian traditional dances, choreographed to Farofa music. Eppi is best known for his four hit recordings, namely- Farofa(1976), Farofa Dancers(1978) Farofa Joy Movements(1984) and Songs of Gold(1994).

The singer-performer is using the occasion of his birthday to relaunch his carrer which had been in abeyance since his retirement as an Asst.Director in the Civil Service some years ago. As well as being a multi-talented musician, Eppi is a prolific writer and speaker at conferences; a Consumer Protective Activist, Weights and Measures professional and active member of the Lagos State Chamber of Commerce and Industry, LCCI.

Between 1988-89, he was the pioneer chairman of PMAN(Abuja chapter) and 1st National vice president of PMAN(1991-93).With all these diverse experiences under his belt, Eppi surely is prepared to bounce back as he is endowed with a physique and boyish joy for competition and adventure.

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