EROMOSELE out with Woman, A Rare and Unique Gem

PASTOR (Mrs.) Joy Chineze Eromosele is the author of Woman, A Rare and Unique Gem. The mother of two children married to Pastor Kingsley Eromosele, the General Overseer of Fellowship of Jesus Christ Ministries International, Agege, Lagos, held a successful launch for the book on Saturday, May 16, 2015 at Excellence Hotel and Conference Centre, Ogba, Lagos.

At the well attended event with the first lady of Ondo State, Chief (Mrs.) Olukemi Mimiko as Special Guest of Honour, Mrs. Eromosele spoke to ENCOMIUM Weekly on what inspired her and much more…


Can you tell us more about your background – educational and family?

I did my primary and secondary school in the university town of Nsukka. Funny enough, I had my B.Sc from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka too.  I was also born there but I am from Amobia, Awka Local Government Area, Anambra State and my husband is Ishan, Edo State. We are all one in the body of Christ, there is no discrimination in heaven.

eromosele bookCan you give us a brief background of your book and what inspired it?

Who inspired me, not what, is the Holy Spirit.

Maybe from my background as a pastor’s wife, we pastored in Winners Chapel, also we pastored both in Nigeria and outside the country. I’ve noticed that recently women are not fulfilling the purpose of what God created them for.  Women are relaxed and actually when you look at what is going on in the society, you could tell that the whole thing boils down to the woman. In those days when our mothers were prayerful and dedicated their time to the family, we had sanity in the society. And looking at my life and upbringing, my mother had a lot of impression on me but I don’t see that any longer both in the church and the society. And that was how the inspiration came, the Holy Spirit began to talk to me that I shouldn’t just keep silent. Putting it in writing can go far in affecting women and returning them back to the original position to which God created them for.

Is this your first book, madam?

No, this is my second book. The first book is, Revelation Towards Man, talking about woman as a womb, a spiritual woman and a physical one. First of all, the woman is a womb that is why she is called WO-MAN. Woman means Womb Man, so spiritually the woman is a womb. You give birth spiritually, you give birth physically. I am not talking about the first one.

This second one is Woman, A Rare and Unique Gem.  The woman is first and foremost the door to this planet earth, God has placed the woman here as a door, nobody can have access into this earth except through the woman. Even the Son of God Himself, Jesus Christ had to pass through this door. Just as the rare gem is mined from the earth, you’ve to search for a rare gem, things like rubies, emeralds, sapphires, diamonds, they are buried deep in the earth. The same way the woman was buried deep in the man. God had to mine the woman and that was why he had to put the man in a deep sleep, we don’t even know how long this sleep took because the Bible says that a day is like a thousand years before God and a thousand years is like a day. So, when God told Adam to sleep, it could have been for a week, for months but it shows how important the place of a woman is that God had to send man to a deep sleep to mine the woman out of him like the rare gem are mined out of the earth.

joy eromosele2And then God had to build a compartment.  If you read the book, the word that was used in the Bible is the not same word that was used when God was creating the man.  The word used was ‘formed man in His image and likeness.’  But when it came to the woman, He said, ‘He built.’  So, the woman was built like a house with rooms, compartments, filled up. And what are these compartments?  I don’t want to expose it because that is what is inside this book.

What He built inside the woman is the same thing that God carries. The five things that make God, God. Those are the things inside the book.

From your two books, I think you go all woman.  Are you a feminist?

I am just a daughter of the Most High and I believe in God’s principles. I don’t know what you mean by a feminist, I just believe in the woman and the woman is built by God to help man, that is why he used that word ‘help mate.’  And the only one that is called helper in the Bible is God.  God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. So, after these three personalities, the next helper in God’s creation is the woman. So, the woman functions in the office of God as a helper on earth.

So, who are your target readers?  Is it just for the woman or everyone?

It is both for the man because it will help the man to understand the woman. It will help the man to appreciate the woman. In fact, the person that wrote the foreword, Pastor Yemi in California, USA, said after reading this book, he is pleading with every man to read to it too. It would help them to understand the place of their mothers, sisters and wives. That this book has helped him to know who his wife is and has made him to celebrate his wife more because he never knew that God loaded the woman with so much potentials.



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