Evans Akere’s Vans Kere launches new collection

More colours, less embroideries’

EVANS Akere speaks on his new collection, More Colours, Less Embroideries. Making fashionable clothes for the male folks is a craft only a few excel at. One of the few is Evans Akere of Vans Kere.

He recently launched a new collection from his clothing line, Vans Kere, which raised not a few eyebrows.  As against the trend of Vans Kere, this new collection features more colours and less embroideries.

In an exclusive interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, he sheds more light on the new collection, his choice of models, plans and more…

What’s the inspiration behind this new collection?

I got the inspiration for this new collection from the current trend in male fashion.  I discovered lately that most men are shifting from conservative colours to brighter colours, so the need for us to make brighter coloured pieces became necessary.  In my opinion, I believe that most men right now are competing with women in terms of colours.

Who are your target for this collection?

First, this year’s collection is colourful, edgy and very trendy.  It is targeted at stylish adult male.

Realistically, we all want to look stylish and smart, no one wants to look old.  Even my older clients prefer attires that make them look smart; we all know that looking smart is looking young.

Is that the reason for your choice of models?

Yes, it is.  Inspiration determines the designs and the designs, determine the models.  Dominic Mudabai is an Ultimate man, he won the Gulder Ultimate Search Season 4.  Also, Michael Nwachukwu who won the Season 5 edition.  Idris Saibu and Sunny Agumi are both celebrity models.  As you can see, they all look smart, energetic and vibrant, which is the look that most men want.

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What differentiates this collection from the previous ones?

The difference between this collection and the previous ones is that in this collection, more colours and less embroideries were used.  Although, we are known for unique embroideries, I felt the need not to be complacent.  Rather, to do something different so that our designs will not become monotonous. Apart from a few of the pieces that had embroideries, most of the designs and patterns on the attires were made from contrasting fabrics, giving it a new dimension.

What makes your brand unique?

The attention we pay to details, good finishing, unique embroideries and efficient customer service. Also, our ability to fuse African and Western style, to produce a coordinated, unique collection of stylish clothes with a contemporary edge.

When should we expect your next collection?

Hopefully, by God’s grace, our next collection should be out by this time next year.  I like to take my time when doing things. I don’t like working under pressure.  Most importantly, our designs are like an art piece that takes a lot of creative input to achieve.

Finally, where do you see your brand in five years?

I usually don’t like to predict the future.  But hopefully, in another five years. we’ll still be relevant in the industry, doing what we enjoy most.


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