A lot of men shy away from getting married because they believe it costs an arm and leg to stage a wedding. Some will take to their heels once their girl friend starts talking about settling down. The good news is, you don’t have to break a bank to stage a wedding that is classy and stylish. It is possible to stage a superb wedding on a low budget of N1 to N2 million.

From the traditional attires (groom and bride) with accessories, wedding attires (groom and bride), food and drinks, music, MC, invitation cards, wedding programme, generator, chairs and table, tents, decorations, cake, rings, make-up, photographer and video recording, you could achieve these. Our five reputable event planners tell us how it can be achieved…


elizabeth elohor ELOHOR AISIEN – Prive Luxury

Is it possible to stage a stylish wedding with a budget of N1 to N2 million?

Yes, it is possible.

Can this be achieved?

It depends on the number of guests the couple are expecting. It means they can only take 50 guests. Their taste also matter as well. If they are designer’s freak, it wouldn’t work out. If they don’t mind patronizing any good designer, that budget is fine.

There is nothing impossible. They will just have to figure things out.


imade 2IMADE IZE-IYAMU – Crown Heights

Is it possible to stage a stylish wedding with a budget of N1 to N2 million?

Yes, it is possible. If they are reasonable enough to put things in the proper perspective, it is possible.

How can this be achieved?

They have to be moderate about everything. They can get a moderate venue. They should plan the menu in a way that the basics will get to everyone. Instead of champagne, they should use the regular non-expensive drinks.

They must work on their guest list. At least, guests should not be more than 50. The décor must not be too elaborate, must be simple but classy. It is not a must to have a live band. They can get a good DJ that will play good music. The atmosphere must be right.


yinka DunsinPRINCE YINKA DUNSIN – The Great Event International

Is it possible to stage a stylish wedding with a budget of N1 to N2 million?

Yes, it is possible, though a lot of factors must be put in place.

How can this be achieved?

I got a job sometime in Ibadan. The couple had a budget of N3.5 million for 350 guests. So, we can work N2 million out as well. They have to do everything to the barest minimum. Instead of getting a hall, they could have the event in a compound for a guest of 150. They can get tents, good décor that is not expensive, moderate food, with good meat, soft drinks and juice. They should not go after names.

A lot of couples want people to say this and this handled my wedding makeup, that person was the event planner. No, just go for the basics, but it must be classy.


uju okeke1UJU OKEKE – Uju’s Event Planners

Is it possible to stage a stylish wedding with a budget of N1 to N2 million?

It’s very much achievable.

 How can this be achieved?

It’s not all about spending millions that matters. It is about being passionate about things and been creative too. There are lots of good and beautiful things you can get at very cheap prices. When well combined, it comes out well even better than the so called one you spend so much money to do. People collect N10 million for an event not because they use all that money for the wedding. Some of the money goes into their pocket.

But someone who knows what she is doing will still manage little and come out with the best. There are so many venues where one can hold an event but people prefer costly places maybe because they have the money. Go for moderate venue that suits your budget.

There has never been any body given an award for best wedding, so, you don’t have to invite the whole world, or spend all you have. Your wedding dress must not cost a fortune. Once you know what you want, you don’t have to spend so much to look good because looking good, I believe is in one’s nature.



Is it possible to stage a stylish wedding with a budget of N1 to N2 million?

Yes, it is possible.

How can this be achieved?

You don’t have to break the bank to stage your wedding. As an event planner, we can give you the best price to suit your budget. You have to be creative if your budget will work out. It is advisable to employ the services of a vendor, who is into more than two of the services you will need. Some vendors will plan for you, do catering job and decor as well. Their services will be cheaper than getting someone who specializes in just one.

Go for a moderate venue, you can get an open space, patronize the up and coming vendors that will charge you less.


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