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Event planners reveal cost of budget weddings!

With the skyrocketing prices of commodities, it is now increasingly difficult to stage a wedding. Some men have even vowed to remain single because of this.

ENCOMIUM Weekly interviewed some event planners on how much it takes to stage a wedding and more…


‘With N500k you can stage wedding party’ – CHINNASA IBE

1-Chinasa-Ibe-IMG-20150920-WA011-186x300How much should be budgeted to stage a fabulous wedding?

It depends on the pocket of the couple. It is better to cut your coat according to your cloth or even pocket. The minimum anyone can use to stage a wedding is N500,000. It can be more, but I am sure it wouldn’t be less. With that amount, they would do something small.

The cost of things have skyrocketed. What you could buy for N50,000 before is now N80,000. But for a classy wedding, it is in the tune of millions. There are so many things to put into consideration, the number of guests, what the couple would wear, décor, cake, event centre for reception, food, drinks, photography. They all cost an arm and leg.


‘Depends on the couple’s budget’ – OMOLARA AKINOSHO

It is relative. Lists differ. What couple A may want may not be couple B’s choice. Their taste, style and financial powers are different but they should have at least N2 million in mind. Everything depends on them. Some can call few people, go to a good restaurant and still have a fabulous wedding.

They could also get a marquee that costs N1.5 million. They might decide to stage it at Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos, it is N5 million to get the hall. With that they should have a budget of N40 million. It is all about their pocket.


‘We cut their coat according to their pocket’ – KEMI ADEKOMI

KEMI ADEKOMIIt depends on the type of wedding you are planning. Any budget can do for an event planner. With what you have, we could organize a classy or an average wedding. I believe you must have at least a million and above to stage any type of wedding at all.

Once you approach us with your budget, we would work out something reasonable for you.


‘Most times we ask our client for their budget’- OYINKAN OGUNDIPE

OYINKANMost times when we want to plan a wedding, we ask the client for the budget. I planned a wedding of recent with N1.7 million and it was a fabulous one. The number of people will determine the quantity of food and size of the hall.

For a client who has the money, N3 million upward would stage a wonderful wedding. It could be more based on the budget.



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