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Excited Nigerians set fresh agenda for Buhari as he returns

R-L; President Muhammadu Buhari being welcome by the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo

– Advice president on anti-corruption crusade and exchange rate 

The unexpected arrival of President Muhammadu Buhari from the United Kingdom on Friday, March 10, 2017, after a long medical vacation, has shocked some doubting Thomases who couldn’t believe the nation’s number one citizen is still alive.

His arrival has since been generating reactions within and outside political circuits in different parts of the country.

As some believe the Daura, Katsina born politician should hit the ground running believing he had rested enough having been away for a very long time, others maintain that the president still needs some rest for him to be fully fit to continue his work as Commander-In-Chief of Federal Republic of Nigeria.

A cross section of Nigerians spoke to also expressed joy and excitement on the president’s arrival, urging him not to relent in his efforts, especially on war against corruption.


‘I thank God for him’ – ABDULWASIU OBALOLA

“I am very happy now that Buhari is back in the country. I also thank God for keeping him all this while. Before his arrival, I have always argued it that he’s still very much alive because as a muslim, there’s no way the man would have died and won’t be buried, latest the following day.

I thank God for him. All I will advise him to do is concentrate on his crusade against corruption and shun any unnecessary comment that can draw him backward. He should also ensure the exchange rate comes down reasonably. I believe he doesn’t need to waste time any more, he should continue where Osinbajo stopped. I pray God will continue to be with him. We still need him more.”


“I am happy for him’ – CHUKA EZEKIEL

“I was happy and excited to hear that President Muhammadu Buhari arrived this morning hale and hearty despite all the rumours about him. I believe the man still needs a little rest for him to be fully fit. He’s really trying, and I believe he’s sent by God to change the country for the better. I don’t wish him death. He should live to continue his good work, especially his anti-corruption war. To me, the truth that some people don’t know is that Osinbajo alone couldn’t have achieved anything without the consent of the president himself so far he’s still alive. Buhari will end being Nigeria’s best president ever. My advice is that he shouldn’t listen to the voice of detractors. He’s welcome back to Nigeria. I wish him all the best.”


‘Alhamdulillahi! Baba is back’ – MURHITALA MUHAMMED

“I heard on the radio that Baba is back this morning. Alhamdulillah! Buhari didn’t die contrary to what some people have been saying. We have all seen the truth now. I am happy for him. He should rest more in Nigeria here so that he can continue his good work. The only area he needs to work seriously on now is this scarcity of dollar so that exchange rate can be stable.”


 ‘He’s welcome back to Nigeria’ – BUKOLA OGUNSEYE

“Buhari is welcome back home. No place like home. I advise that he might have learnt one lesson or the other from the sickness. So, I believe he should know that for him to have survived it, that means God has kept him for a purpose. So, he needs to start acting fast now that he’s back hale and hearty.

He must not leave everything in Osinbajo’s hands. Although, Osinbajo has tried his best to hold the mace since he has not been around, Nigerians still want Buhari to take charge now that he’s back.”


‘I never wished Buhari death’ – JOY LANCELOT

‘First, I congratulate Buhari on his health that has improved. Also, for him to be in our midst now as alive is another thing for him to be grateful to God for. I was happy when I heard he is back. He should just continue where he stopped as soon as possible. I will advise he shouldn’t relent on his work to make Nigeria a greater country. God will continue to be with him and his vice, Yomi Osinbajo. It’s not easy to rule a corrupt nation like Nigerian and not fall sick at all. We only need to be praying for the man. To me, he’s doing his best.”



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