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Excitement as Arik Air resumes operations at 11 am today


The news that Arik Air will resume operations at 11 am today (Wednesday, September 14, 2016) has been greeted with excitement as many, worried about the escalating troubles of airlines in Nigeria, are relieved.

Fear of throwing thousands into the labour market and the attendant multiplier effects  – following suspension of operations yesterday after news of owing oil marketers N3 billion and failure to regularize its insurance across the world – dominated discourse.
The airline’s late night good news of resumption of flights was received with excitement.
The statement read :

Arik Air, West and Central Africa’s largest airline, is pleased to announce that scheduled flights will resume from 11 am today, Wednesday September 14, 2016.

Members of the public and our esteemed customers are advised to discountenance the disparaging allegations, unsubstantiated and uninformed claims about the airline’s inability to meet its financial obligations to aviation fuel marketers and a purported withdrawal of insurance services to Arik Air by its insurers.

While the current scarcity of aviation fuel (JET A1) has impacted on the operations of airlines in the country, Arik Air is in good standing with its fuel suppliers and has been meeting its obligations to them and to our insurers. With the regularization of the required documents relating to the renewal of the insurance, Arik Air will be resuming its normal flying schedule from 1100 hours on Wednesday, September 14, 2016.

Arik Air regrets the unfortunate inconvenience caused to its customers and reassures our customers of expedient rebooking of any affected flights.



Airline’s Public Relations and Communications Manager

Those who are happy about the resumption of operations were full of gratitude, with some lambasting the airline:


We have a serious problem in this country if this is how Arik an international airline is being managed. A whole international airline leaving its insurance to expired before renewal! Whoever is in charge of that renewal should not be allowed to hold on to his or her job. The insurance company must have been sending them a reminder months ago before Sallah holiday to renew the insurance but for some reasons known to them nothing was done, most likely that they are owing the insurance company money and the company insists on payment before they can be qualified for renewal. Very costly and shameful way of managing business.


Timi Roki:

Better o.


Akinlade Akin:

A sigh of relief to travelers. The earlier info portend an extremely grave situation. Thank God its manageable. Wish Arik a successful operation in the face of the harrowing and hostile environment.


Omatiga Nuhu Ibrahim:

Thank you Arik. Shame on those fools who want to make polical gains out of it.


Ayodele kayode:

Arik has always been an irresponsible organisation; they can only thrive in this clime. What can we do right in this country anyway? We are a people with very short memory. Deficient in honour, low in morality, indifferent to things that actually threaten our wellbeing but highly ostentatious.

Only in Nigeria will corporate irresponsibility being displayed by Arik go unpunished! The plight of passengers stranded at our various local and so called international airports are better imagined than experienced.

Cry, the beloved country.


Otusanya Funmilayo:

No problem jare Arik Air .we gat ur back…..


Adil Ginabay:

Good news my friend.


Henry Etsename:

Arik big Strong and reliable….



Insurance can be renewed at least a month before expiry and no waiver of any sort is necessary or should be granted. Arik reason for suspending flights at this crucial time is a blackmail, political and unacceptable. It is simply an attempt to create panic in the country and give the government a bad name. For Arik Air to subject its passengers to this avoidable trauma is not only callous but an example of the impunity that still persist in Nigeria.

The real message here is that Arik Air will not be in service for long. So customers beware!!!!!


Charity Effiong:

Oh!!! So good to hear that, thanks God


Stuff Celestine:

We are expecting ur cooperation for the progress of our numerous customers



No refund, no apologies, no brain. Anybody seen still flying Arik should blame himself if anything goes wrong.


Precious Meno Egwome:

And you people had to wait till it’s totally expired before renewal? That’s administrative lapse.


Mutawalli Kachalla Barko:

Some of these airlines are already on the brink of collapse fa due to heavy bank loans that they cannot service and the global recession sets in while the Amcon Nigeria says all loans must be paid. So closing shop in Nigeria is nothing to talk about, let them go anywhere source for the funds and repay the loans they took from the Nigerian banks while we expect many new serious airlines to come.

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