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Excitement as Chi Limited unveils ‘Chivita 100% or nothing marketing campaign

Chi Limited, Nigeria’s undisputed market leader in juices and fruit drinks, has unveiled its new marketing communication campaign tagged Chivita 100% or Nothing as part of effort to reinforce its flagship’s brand proposition and strengthen the credential of the brand in the marketplace. The campaign demonstrates the brand’s commitment to quality and excellence.

For a fruit juice, renowned for it’s no sugar, no preservative and no colouring, the Chivita 100% or nothing campaign projects the brand as the best quality fruit juice. It reiterates its partnership with Manchester United FC of England. Already, the television commercial is generating buzz across the digital platform as visits to the Youtube page where the commercial has been uploaded has witnessed an upsurge in viewership. The commercial which is also airing on terrestrial as well as satellite television channels in Nigeria has also created visibility amongst consumers.

Speaking on the marketing campaign, Chi Limited’s Head of Marketing, Mr. Probal Bhattacharya said, “This campaign highlights the association of Chivita 100% with purity, commitment and nothing but the best. This is the recipe for its premium quality, which leads to success, achievement and leadership.

“We do everything to ensure that Chivita 100% lives up to its brand promise of goodness and the best there is. This also explains our partnership with the world’s most valuable football club brand because for us it is the best or nothing”, he added.

The television commercial has already started running on major television channels in Nigeria featuring top rated football stars like Robin Van Persie, Angel Di Maria, Antonio Valencia, Radamel Falcao, and Jonny Evans. The advert opens with a glistening pack shot of Chivita 100% fruit juice, condensation dripping down the carton. As the cap is opened, the camera zooms inside the pack into a world of juice, wherein superstars of football showcase there soccer skills with a Juice Ball on a football pitch filled with pure natural appetizing juice.

The commercial goes on to show these football mega stars doing amazing things inside the juice pack with the voice over saying Chivita   100% juice-made   from   real   natural   fruits… with   no   preservative and   no   added   sugar.” This is followed by “The   best   always   believes   in   100% …100%  commitment …100% quality ….100% achievement”, as we are treated with spectacular football skills from Angel Di Maria, Valnecia & finally a super goal by Van Persie.

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