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Excitement on social media over Buratai’s Dubai properties

The two properties in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) belonging to the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai, has been generating a lot of excitement on the social media. Worth about $1.5 million, many are saying that the claim that the properties were bought from savings of the Army chief and his two wives appear far-fetched and stretching the truth.

Here are the comments : 

Ogechi Sharon Okeke: I never knew we had billionaire soldiers in this country and one dey toast me since I dey do Shakara? In fact will comment later make I find him contact for my phone. Am going after him immediately the days of hide and seek is are Over. I no greedy if nah for cotonou make him buy me one house. Thunder fire corruption

Apostle Yahaya Ibrahim Gombe: Away with dis corrupt civilian in military uniform, his wealth stinks.

Obidike Christina Amaka: With what kind of business apart from being the soldier he is, NO way, buhari keeps defending his own and disgracing his opponents, time will come when reserved will be d case

Frank D-Great: instead of probing him, presidiot buhari offered him a job……..corrupt buhari corrupt buratai

Braim SB Vilushi: Dats anoda good question… Corruption everywhere even in the military…. What a messed up country

Nriagu Ogochukwu: No his not corrupt but fantastically corrupt

Rockson Udoh Wilson: The corruption problem here is not so much that Buratai is obviously corrupt, it exposed the hypocrisy and wickedness of Buhari, who while telling lies and lucking up other Nigerians without trail, his own corruption is worst.

Chukwuemeka Marvelous: With which salary…..?……….Ndi ori…………..criminals

Freedom Evbota: No he bought the properties before becoming Army General.

Sani Ahmed Sasa: It’s illegal for a public servant to do any business except agribusiness ,when still in the service. So Burutai Dubai assets most likely ill gotten.

Abdulrasheed Usman: There is every reason to believe that Burutai is involved in corruption because all his entitlement as a General in the Nigeria Army cannot, I repeat CANNOT be the capital upon which he acquire the said properties and at the same time take care of his social and family expenses. It also illegal for an officer of the Nigeria Army to engage in business while still serving, the only way out for him is to resign his commission and subject his self to EFFCC investigation and anything short of that will render the anti corruption war of this government as selective and a nullity, may Allah guide against that-Amin!

Abubakar A. Jaja: Why is it in Nigeria, out of jelous, most people have turned to character assasinators! For me to believed that al-sheik Buratai is corrupt., those making this aligation should prove to us that, it was an ill goten money that he us in this transaction. Nigerians, whe are we going to believe on our selves.

Osagie Oyegun: Buratai has nothing to prove. The first time he declared the property as part of his assets, that is when enquiries should have been made. The second asset declaration maybe if they were sloppy first time around.

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