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Exciting activities improve memory

It’s easier remembering something if we take a break from it and do more exciting things, scientists say. Researchers say chemicals triggered in one part of the brain by new experiences could help enhance our memory.
Neuroscientists from the UK and USA suggest that attention-grabbing experience triggers a rush of chemicals and allows one have a detailed memory of what has transpired.  One of the neuroscientists explained, “Imagine if playing a video game or riding a roller coaster could help you prepare for an exam or remember other critical information.”
Scientists from the Edinburgh University-led project trained mice on a task that involved remembering the location of food pellets hidden in sand.
When the creatures were given something unusual to do after being shown where the pellets were, they were better at finding them again a day later.
This rush of chemicals enhances the laying down of memories in another part of the brain especially information about events .
The discovery, made in conjunction with researchers at UT Southwestern in Dallas, Texas, could make exam revision more pleasant for millions.

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