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Exeter residents want cars owned by students banned

Residents are pleading with the University of Exeter to stop students from bringing cars with them when they move there to study.

While effective means of student’s transportation remains a key issue yet to be addressed by Nigerian Universities, one of Britain’s top universities- the University of Exeter, has launched a campaign to stop students from bringing cars with them when they move in to study.

Residents around the University of Exeter raised the plea over what they called “cluttered streets” as they grumbled bitterly about not being able to find spaces on their own street for weeks; they hope that a ban can be enforced as a condition of anyone accepting a place that sees vehicles not just banned from campus – but anywhere in the city.

Attention around the world has been drawn to it as local newspapers like The Express and Echo along with civic leaders in Exeter city have taken seriously the petition and urged the institution’s management to take urgent action. It is worthy of note that University of Nottingham and University of Cambridge placed car bans in their institutions and went even further to place a fine of up to £175 for rule breakers, unless there is a medical need.

The petition reads: “Today we are calling on the University of Exeter to ban students from bringing cars with them while they study.

“The university itself bans students from parking on campus, meaning the city’s streets are cluttered by vehicles for much of the day.

“Car bans at Nottingham and Cambridge universities have improved road safety, the environment and relations between students and long-term residents.

“We’re calling on our university to follow their lead.”

Reactions have trailed this move, with a councillor suggesting  that a clause should be introduced in the university’s admissions stage that an individual can only secure a place at if they agree to not bring a motor vehicle.

It doesn’t appear like the university will yield to imposing such ban, the best the management can obliged to will be to discourage students from bringing cars with them, which has been done.

– Seyifunmi Adebote for

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