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Ezenna, Gboneme wedding special (3), COUPLE’S PARENTS SPEAK

‘UCHENNA is the apple of my eyes’

  • SIR TONY EZENNA, Bride’s father

IN this exclusive chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly, the bride’s father, Sir Tony Ezenna reveals the special love he has for her.  Describing his first daughter as well-brought up, caring, loving and intelligent, he confessed she’s the apple of his eyes.  While wishing her and hubby the very best in their marital life.

 Copy of DSC_0694What is your prayer for the couple?

That God will bless their marriage and they will live in peace. I also pray they would have as many children as they want.  They will live like us to see their children look after them.

Any advise for them?

They have to study themselves, there is no formula.  And with God on their side, they would have marital bliss.

How does it feel to have as pillars of support prominent Nigerians today at your daughter’s wedding?

I’m happy they all came from all walks of life. It shows I’m well loved and cherished by my people.

How will you describe your daughter, Uchenna?

My daughter is well brought up, very intelligent and hard working. In fact, she’s the apple of my eyes.

What did she study?

She read Economics.

‘My daughter is amiable, loving and caring’

– Lady Elizabeth Ezenna, Bride’s mother

LADY Elizabeth Ezenna who also had a chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly described her daughter (Uchenna) in superlative terms.  Revealing she’s good-natured and caring, she advised her to trust God to keep her marriage.

Copy of Lady Cynthia Gboneme & Lady Lizzy Ezenna What do you wish your children?

I wish them a successful marriage.

How would you describe your daughter, Uchenna?

She is an amiable and caring daughter, she cares and loves people.  She wants people around her.  And I know she would keep her home and enjoy her marriage.  She has patience which is an essential ingredient in living together with your spouse.

Your own marriage is successful.  What’s your advice for the newly-wed?

Let them always remember God.  With God they will have a successful marriage.

‘I pray God gives them children they can train’

–               MR. FRANK GBONEME, Groom’s father

CHUKIE’s dad is a jolly good fellow.  A retired Customs officer, the free-spirited man of means and wisdom was so, so free with us.  While blessing his first son and daughter-in-law, he confessed he’s proud of them.

DSC_0694What’s your prayer for the couple, Sir?

I know God has already answered all the prayers my friends and family have been saying on their behalf.  They started well and ended well.  To God be the glory, we have reached this point.  And my prayer for them is that they are going to grow from strength to strength.  They are going to enjoy their marriage.  The number of children they want, God will give to them.  I pray God gives them the children they can train and give them the wherewithal to train the children and live to old age in good health.

Can you please tell us about your son?

Chukie is a wonderful guy.  He grew up like any other boy.  I guess if my mother were still alive, she would say he is like my son.

I thank God for his wife, Uchenna is a wonderful girl from a wonderful family.  I know by God’s grace Chukie will take care of her and God will take care of both of them.

How many other children do you have?

I have five children.  Chukwueku is my first son.  There is Ijeamaka, Ikechukwu…I worked with Nigeria Customs. I have retired.  I’m now in business.

How old is your son?

He’s 32.

‘God will keep them together’

– MRS. CYNTHIA GBONEME, Groom’s mother

Lady Cynthia Gboneme & Lady Lizzy EzennaAPPROACHED severally for comments, the mother of the groom, Mrs. Cynthia Gboneme didn’t oblige us.  It took the intervention of an acquaintance for the delectable socialite to give us her ears.  And when she did briefly, she rained blessings on the newly-wed. 

We thank God today that our children are married. It’s the Lord’s doing and marvellous in our sight.  And God will continue to bless them.  May God continue to guide all of them in Jesus name.

I advise they continue to love each other.  And when they do this, God will always be with them and keep them together.  A third party should not come in-between them.

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