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Ezenna, Gboneme Wedding Special (9) – What the N120 million was splashed on at Ezenna, Gboneme nuptials


THE Ezenna and Gboneme’s October 11 nuptials gulped over N120 million, insiders exclusively told ENCOMIUM Weekly!

The billionaire mogul behind Orange Drugs, Sir Tony Ezenna and the father of the groom, Mr. Frank Gboneme, spared no cost to ensure that their children enjoyed a lavish wedding.

From the box invitation package brought in from Malaysia to special attires andaso ebi, reception at Oriental Hotel with all the food and drinks at the beck and call of guests, to securing the services of P-Square and the three masters of ceremonies, the money achieved wondrous results.

An inkling of how the wedding would play out began with the burnished brown box invitation card, with a scroll in it and an access card, from Malaysia where Sir Tony Ezenna has business partners.

Once the card surfaced, it was clear that cost wouldn’t be an issue to the Ezennas and Gbonemes.

For Sir Tony Ezenna whose penchant for all things beautiful and classy is uncommon, nothing less was expected. Those familiar with his events from his knighthood in Akokwa (Imo), his second daughter’s wedding in Imo and United States of America and Miss Delta Soap pageant, they know his antecedents.

And the ‘black tie’ dress code also raised the bar.

The N100,000 aso ebi, in gold and wine, and other lovely colours, amplified the expectation of a high-octane shindig.

News of a lavish nuptials was in the air. And once ‘Once Upon a Destination’ was contracted to handle the events planning, everyone knew a 7-star ceremony would be on their hands.

That Saturday, October 11, 2014, we had a 7-star event truly. From Our Lady of Perpetual Help to Oriental Hotel, the atmosphere was giddy with happiness.

Days before then, many family members were already lodged at Oriental Hotel. The most expensive hotel in Lagos, with complimentary breakfast, became home of close family members who co-ordinated the event from there.

On the eve of the wedding, Friday, October 10, 2014, a pre-wedding soiree, was staged at the hotel, it was as lavish as it was thrilling.

And on D-day, the ceremonies began in church. Simple but elegant, good money was on display on the garments and mien of the bridal train and the guests. The groom’s tuxedo and his bride’s heavenly gown were breathtaking. So were the attires of the bridal train and groom’s men.

The reception venue told a story in finesse and good form. The foyer to the grand ballroom, furnished with cocktail tables, lounges and sofas, with a string quartet (playing violins ad the viola), was a mesmerizing sight.

Cocktails and canapés were served to the numerous guests who arrived before the wedding party from church.

The classical music was enthralling and enjoyable, Objects of perpetual fascination and a photo booth littered the foyer. The main hall, the grand ballroom was a statement in grandeur. The decor was on point.

Throughout the event with DJ Big N, Sharp Band, Francis Duru, Tee A and Ethelbert Nwachukwu as DJ, band and anchors respectively, it was a rollercoaster extravaganza.

And when P-Square turned up, the wedding was transformed into a concert many didn’t want to end.

Continental and Nigerian dishes, all sorts of drinks from wine to champagne and gift items separated this wedding as a class act.


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