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Fans recommend how BBNaija winner Efe should spend his N25million

Winner of the just concluded foremost realty show, Big Brother Naija, Efe  is still basking in the euphoria of stardom while planning on how to spend his prize money. His fans have come up with how they want him to spend his prize money if they were in his shoes.

Here are their suggestions…


Tijani Ahmed

I would recognise God by giving out of it to the less privileged as Sadaka (offering). I would now pay zakat just to praise God. I would now identify orphanages and give them cash and gifts items.

If I were to be an actor, l would start my own movie production company. I would go into business as well, establish a business that would generate income for me and my family. My company would also employ people.


Femi Ojo 

First of all, I will pay my tithe. I attend a growing church that needs support. I would support the building project. I would take care of my family, friends, and neighbours. I would invest heavily in two striving businesses such as pure water and bakery. I would also spoil myself and l would go into real estate.


Akinyande Elijah

I would develop myself, invest the money in stocks, consult a financial expert to advise me on the right step to take. I would also sell the Jeep and use the money for business and also buy a smaller car.


Rotimi lawal

I would use economic sense or what we call financial intelligence. I would invest in real estate and shares.


Salawudeen Aminat

I would travel far from my family and friends because they would start bringing their needs to me. I would travel so that l can think and see clearly. The money would be logged into my account first. I would love to further my studies, l would calculate all l would need to do that. I would also empower my parent and tell them not to expect anything again from me.


Abike Onah

I would put the money in a fixed deposit after paying my tithe. I would travel so l can think about what I would do with the money. I would consult financial expert, l would also like to go into real estate.


Biodun Samson

I would settle my family first. I would ensure they have a striving business and a roof over their head. Then, l would go into real estate business. Make sure l have a source of living as well.


Olaitan Adenipekun

I would set my mom up first, then my young siblings. I would deposit money in a fixed account for my younger ones. I wouldn’t just invest in entertainment alone but also in real estate. It is not compulsory he pays his tithe, he can give the  money to the less privileged .


Biodun Ajayi

I wouldn’t touch the money now.  I would put the money in a fixed deposit for at least one year. By then, I would know what I would do with the money.




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