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Fashion designers on how recession is affecting patronage

The fashion industry is not spared as recession eats deep into the economy. Designers are complaining of low patronage, but they are still able to keep their heads above water. ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with designers to find out how the fashion industry is affected by recession with these questions (i) Would you say people are still making clothes as recession bites harder? (ii) Can you compare patronage before recession and now? (iii) What about prompt payment, do people pay for services as at when due?


‘People are still making clothes’ – GRACE ISEAKAM (G COUTURE)

Yes, people are still making clothes. It is less expensive to make clothes than to buy them. Just like food, people still have to wear clothes so they make clothes.

It depends on the designer. If she is considerate because of the state of the economy, she would cut down her price a little to accommodate more clients.

Some pay promptly, while some owe.


‘Clothing is an essential part of life’ – KOFO AGBOOLA

People are not making clothes as much as they used to. I believe, no matter how tight things are, people will still make clothes. It is an essential part of life. Recession is affecting the fashion industry but not as much as other sectors.

People who go for luxury market would not feel the heat because those who have money will still make clothes.

People who normally pay in full now pay installmentally. They pay twice most times. Generally, the industry is feeling the scourge of recession too.


‘Prices we charge has changed’ – PATRICIA ODEYEMI

People are still getting married, people still go to parties. They have to make their attires for such occasions. Patronage is quite low but people are still making clothes.

It is not comparable. It is very low. The prices we charge has changed too. We did that to keep our clients.

They pay promptly since we no longer charge as much as we used to. It is like paying half the price now.


‘Patronage has reduced’ – NWAOKIKE BRENDAN

People are still making clothes. Some can still use their last card to make clothes. The recession is affecting all sectors, no one is left behind but we are still getting patronage.

Of course, there is a great change. Those who used to make 10 clothes now make three at once.

A lot of people owe because of recession. It is not all clients that pay at once.


‘Sale hasreducedeven on credit’ – ABIKE DOMINA

Yes designers still make clothes whether recession or not, we still have to move on with everyday life and the necessary things that comes with them like shelter clothing etc, I think making them more affordable will reduce the rate of low sales.

In my own case, I am very thankful with sales during the recession period, because, basically my clothes are not so expensive and still affordable to buy. But maybe it might have affected quantity, because clients who use to buy more before would have to reduce the rate to what they use to buy before.

Prompt payment is not so common these days, you just have to be ready to sell on credit, because some clients will love or want to buy more, but might not be able to pay for all immediately. So, they might just give a specific date to pay up.


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