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Fashion takes new turn with weird eyebrows trend

Well sculpted eyebrows is a trend most ladies love to rock but recently it took a new turn from the normal shape to the wave or squiggle shape. This, however, has left many people wondering. spoke with ladies on whether they can rock the new styles of eyebrow and below are their comments…


Adeshina Christiana
What! I can never rock this? What beauty is in it? Ladies should not rock this, this would not add to our beauty and it is not fashionable for responsible ladies.


Olaleye Bunmi
As for me l can. It depends on one’s choice. If you like it and you think it would look good on you, you can also rock it.


Christina Fernades
I think it is cool only for models to make them look spectacular.


Akinola Mary
I cannot do it and I don’t like it. It will not make me look responsible.


Ajayi Odunayo
I think I like the waves eyebrows, it’s beautiful and I can rock it if I find someone who is good at it.


Omotosho Omolola
I can’t do it, but as a stylist I can do it for others.


Rhonda Fleming
I can’t rock it even for a day.


Akinola Elizabeth
It is okay but I cannot do it because it is too much and I i do not think it will look good on me.


Edet Rachael
I don’t like it and I can’t rock it. People are different anyway; so one man’s food is another man’s poison.


David Blessing
I can’t do it when am not mad.
– Akinola Eniola for 


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