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Fashion is a rather popular practice, especially in clothing, foot wears, accessories, make-up, body piercing, body art, furniture, hairdo, etc.

Fashion revolves and is habitual. As seasons come and go, so do fashion trends and styles.

ENCOMIUM Weekly’s TINUOLA JOSEPH brings you the latest fashion trends amongst the ladies, showcasing fashion pieces that are sure to be head turners and how to put them together as a complete stunning ensemble.


blue-turtleneck-blue-culottes-mirror-me-1CULOTTES – Culottes are usually knee length trousers cut with full legs to resemble a skirt. If not properly looked at, one might mistake it for a midi skirt. The culottes have a wide trimmed hem.

To be honest, the culottes are a lovely pair, but they do not flatter all body shapes or types, especially if not worn with the right pair of shoes and top. They come in denim, and other forms of fabrics.

Just because the culottes are high-wasted, it makes it easier to rock with a crop top. They can also be worn to the office with a nicely fitted shirt and a pair of court shoes.

A casual tee shirt can also be worn over a pair of culottes, simply tuck the tee in and slip into a pair of flat sandals.


StylePantry-Cape-Coat-BellaNaija-April2015001WIDE LEG TROUSERS (PALAZZO) – The wide leg trousers also known as the palazzo trousers are usually cut with an extremely wide leg that flares out from the hip region.

They were very popular back in the 60s and 70s. As most trends go, palazzo trousers have recently made a comeback. It is impossible to go to public functions and not see a stylish chic wearing one, as they are extremely comfortable. They come in printed fabrics, plain silk, cotton linen and also in denim.

A pair of palazzo trousers can never go wrong with a tank top and a blazer over it, along with a pair of heels to the office. On a sunny day out at the beach, you can pair your palazzo trousers with a bikini  top and a beach hat. A pair of high waisted palazzo trousers can be combined with a crop top and high-heeled sandal as a show stopper.


boyfriend jeansBOYFRIEND JEANS – The boyfriend jeans is the direct opposite of the skinny jeans. It is easy to wear, super comfortable and baggy. The boyfriend jean is incredibly chic when put together with the right accessories. They come in various forms, but the most popular are the ripped boyfriend jeans and the acid wash.

A pair of boyfriend jeans can be rocked with a regular tee and a jacket along with a pair of stilettos or flat shoes. Pairing a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans with a fitted tee shirt tucked in with a stunning belt is spot on.


cape top 2CAPE TOPS/JACKETS – The cape tops are an absolute favourite. They are trendy, classy and chic. The cape top is a regular top with a cape overlay running from the shoulders to the back.

The cape tops look like cartoon super hero costumes, especially that of Batman and Superman. It can be worn over a regular pair of jeans or skinnies.

The cape jackets are simply worn over the shoulders. It could be worn as a blazer on a cool day out with a pair of jeans and a fitted T-shirt.


sleeveless-coat-SLEEVELESS BLAZER – The sleeveless blazer trend is one that is gradually gaining popularity. It is versatile and can be worn in any season depending on how it is combined.

The sleeveless blazer also comes in different styles. Some stop just a little after the waist line while some run just above the knees. Others are very long and run close to the ankles. Depending on the occasion, you can wear any sleeveless blazer style you love. The waist length sleeveless blazer can be worn over a short sleeveless dress and a pair of heels for a casual day out. It can also be paired with a graphic tee shirt and a pair of skinny jeans.

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