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Fashola receives LOC members of 50 years of Nigeria Law School, Council of Legal Education anniversary celebration

…as governor advocates building of institution to sustainable brand, cautions against proliferation of boreholes

Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola (SAN) on Thursday received the members of the Local Organising Committee of the 50th Anniversary celebration of the Council of Legal Education and the Nigeria Law School on a courtesy call, commending the management of the institution for keeping the flag flying even as he advocated its nurturing into a sustainable brand.

The Governor spoke at the Lagos House, Ikeja when he received the team led by Professor Oyelowo Oyewo who had led a team of the Local Organising Committee members on the 50th anniversary celebration of the Nigeria Law School and Council of Legal Education to intimate him with the programme of activities and seek his support for the celebration.

Governor Fashola who commended the lecturers, management and products of the Nigeria Law School for keeping the flag flying also noted that the institution has not been branded enough and sufficiently in a way that it can earn some useful revenue, adding that he has not seen the Law School ties, pins, scarves and so on which are things that are available in other jurisdictions. He said, however, that with the coming up of the Law School Alumni Association, plans must be made for a Law School store on campus where all of the memorabilia would be available.

A well articulated branding strategy could also fetch the Law School enduring support in different ways, according to the Governor.

“There are a lot of successful lawyers out there that if you put forward what is a sustainable brand, they would certainly attract endowment, trusts and those kinds of things. We should be talking to them. Some are so prosperous that I don’t think it would be any difficulty in setting one out of several properties in their will in the pursuit and development of legal education”, he said.

Continuing, Governor Fashola said there is a need to view the request for support from a broader perspective.

“It should not be a problem, but I think the school must go forward, propound these ideas in the public space, let the people reflect about them because they are not thinking about it that way. There are many schools and public institutions that I have come across not in this parts where you see a small stone where the land upon which the building was erected was settled in so so person’s will as a gift in pursuit of public education, art and so on”, he stated

He saluted the efforts of the graduands of the institution who have taken up the responsibility of organizing the 50th year celebration, adding that he has also been involved at some other levels with some of his colleagues because it is exactly 25 years ago that he was admitted into the Nigeria Law School  making it a dual celebration for him.

The Governor who also responded to an appeal for provision of a mini water works at the Lagos Campus by the Deputy Director General of the Nigerian Law School, Mrs Toun Adebiyi said the permeation which is reportedly making the borehole water on the campus salty is as a result of proliferation of boreholes.

He added that the proliferation of boreholes is one of reasons that informed the setting up of the Lagos State Water Sector Regulatory Commission whose primary objective is to regulate the extraction of ground water, stressing that he would direct the Managing Director of the State Water Corporation, Mr. Shayo Holloway to send his team and have a look at the problem.

Governor Fashola explained that the proliferation of boreholes disturbs the water table, resulting in permeation, adding that it should also be considered that the school is located in Victoria Island which is reclaimed land.

He also appealed to members of the public to exercise the highest possible restraints in sinking boreholes, stressing that he understands the need to provide water because the capacity has not gone round, though a well thought out programme is being executed to address the issue.

That is why we are building the Adiyan Waterworks now. It would add another 70 million gallons of water when it is finished around late 2015 or early 2016 but work is going on at this moment and that should help really and we are working on Odomola Waterworks too to start with 25 million gallons of water and we are looking at Ishasi in Badagry to increase that capacity to about 12 million gallons from 4 million gallons.

“There is a programme in place. We are victims of our collective past so these are investments that we should have made many decades before now so help is on the way but there must be some restraints in the proliferation because high sodium content in water also has its adverse consequences on our general well being and our health”, the Governor said.

He reiterated that this also informs part of the reasons why government has continued to advocate that people should restrain themselves in the kind of material they dispose in the water bodies, through urination and defecation as it all goes back into the ground water.

He said everyone must be at the vanguard of the fundamentals of personal hygiene and sanitation in order to prolong life as some of the incidents of poor health that are being seen are not unconnected to unhygienic practices.

Governor Fashola also urged citizens to cooperate with the Water Sector Commission when there is need to extract water from the borehole as they would be able to advise where to sink such borehole and how deep to go and in what way the technical specification can be achieved to prevent the kind of permeation that is being experienced at the Law School which he said is not an unusual development considering the fact that the school is close to the Atlantic Ocean.

Speaking earlier, the Chairman of the Local Organising Committee, Professor Oyelowo Oyewo  said the Council felt that in marking the 50th anniversary of the Law School, there should be some token of celebration that should be for the immediate and also some that would be for posterity.

He said the celebrations would be held at the various local campuses and at the national level with a grand celebration which will be taking place in Abuja on the 26th and 27th.

Professor Oyewo said it has become necessary for the Law School going forward to acknowledge that it cannot continue to depend on government for purposes of attaining the vision of producing world class lawyers in the environment when there are infrastructural deficiencies which the Alumni of the school can come to support in improving in order to ensure quality control and quality assurance of the students that will be passing through the law school.

“In that light, the Council has approved the establishment of the Alumni Association and I know that you fall into the group of the Alumni and I know that your set has already been doing things for the Law School and we hope you will continue to do greater things and apart from that we had a need assessment of the various campuses of Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Bayelsa, and Yola campus which will be presented to you so that you can also speak to your colleague Governors. You are the cradle as everything about the law school started in Igbosere in Lagos”, he explained.

In her remarks, the Deputy Director-General of the Lagos Campus of the Nigeria Law School , Mrs. Toun Adebiyi said her team was honoured to be received by the Governor and is inviting him to grace the campus level celebrations of the Law School billed for Monday.

She also sought the intervention of the Governor in addressing the problem of water supply on the campus, stating that the six boreholes drilled in the schools are salty and not drinkable and would want the Governor to provide a mini water works for the school.

Souvenirs were later presented to the Governor by the Lagos Campus of the Nigeria Law School and the Local Organising Committee for the 50th Year celebration at the event which was attended by the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Mr. Ade Ipaiye, the Secretary to the State Government, Dr (Mrs) Ranti Adebule and Commissioner for Home Affairs and Culture, Hon. Oyinlomo Danmole while those on the entourage of Professor Oyewo include the Deputy Director-General of the Lagos Campus of the Nigeria Law School , Mrs Toun Adebiyi, the Secretary-General of the Nigerian Law School, Mr. Emeka Obegolu and Mr Dele Oye among others.

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