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Fast rising actor, ALEXX EKUBO speaks about the pains and gains of acting

Alexx Ekubo is one of the fast growing Nollywood actors. The fair-skinned role interpreter has featured in blockbuster movies such as In the Cupboard, Weekend Gateway and Tinsel, a soap opera.

He shared with ENCOMIUM Weekly the pains and gains, what stands him out from other actors and more…


Looking back at when you started, did you envisage getting this far?

Honestly, I never thought I would get this far in this short time. I always knew I would go far in whatever I chose to do, but the speed has just been astronomical. It’s been nothing short of God’s abundant grace.

What are some of the challenges you faced in the course of your career?

Being an entertainer means I’ve sacrificed a huge side of my life on the altar of the job. Strangers have opinion over every single thing in my life, who I’m with, what I do with my spare time, where I go. Even what I eat and drink. Basically, I have no privacy.

What about the pains and gains?

The gains out weighs the pain eventually. The smile and satisfaction I get when people recognize me from one of my projects and say “I was having a bad day, I watched one of your movies and my spirit was lifted, is immeasurable. I suddenly feel like a healer, who has just healed someone and that feeling is priceless.

Would you say you’re made already?

If by made you mean material things, perishable things/physical things that can be destroyed, stolen, or used up, then I’m sorry our idea of made is worlds apart. I live for things unseen, I live bearing in mind that there is more to life than a brand new Range Rover and a house in Lekki. I live with the consciousness of Heaven, bearing in mind, that is the ultimate ambition. A made-man to me is not one with lots of money in the bank or many cars in his garage. If one person or persons out of the over 6 billion in the world can say because of Alexx Ekubo I am a better/changed person, then I am made. Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against riches and material things. I just want people to live for something more substantial.

Is there any pressure to achieve the kind of success you have at the moment?

I never get comfortable within a certain level of success, I’ve learnt to put thorns in my laurel. That way I always aspire for more. A lot has changed lately, the dream got bigger. I’m doing it not just for Nigeria, but for Africa. I represent an entire generation.

Tell us the most challenging role you have ever played and why?

Every role to me is challenging. Like I always say, there are no small roles, only small actors. You’ve got to give 200 percent every given time. I treat each job like it’s my first, that way I keep the fire and enthusiasm always burning.

What stands you out?

What stands me out from the multitude of entertainers is what I call the G factor. I’ve got the God factor in me. Trust me, if God is all you have, then you have all you need.

Which movie actually brought you to limelight?

Different projects contributed to my early growth in the industry, so I can’t categorically give credit to one. But I’ll always be grateful for being part of projects like Tinsel, In The Cupboard, Weekend Getaway, Ladies Men, to mention a few.

Which actor do you enjoy working with and why?

I enjoyed working with all those I’ve had to privilege to share lines with on set. I’m a sponge, I absorb different characters and emotions. A lot of actors have taught me consciously and unconsciously, and to those I haven’t had the pleasure of learning from yet, I look forward to the day.

What lessons have you learnt in the industry?

I’ve learnt that nothing is what it seems. Being in the industry now I’ve had to rethink every rumor and gossip I’ve ever heard, because a lot of them have no iota of truth. Trust me, in this entertainment industry a lot of smoke have been started without fire.

As a model and actor, how do you manage both?

I’m very well organized and I prioritize well. I manage my time effectively and lend my talent where it’s needed the most. I can’t do all the jobs and I’m not trying to.

You are the new face of Payporte. Can you tell us about the deal? How much is the deal worth?

Being a part of a reputable brand like Payporte is just a blessing. I feel honoured that I was chosen. So far, it’s been a fantastic symbiotic relationship. We just shot and started airing the first TV commercial and we’re still cooking lots more, just wait on it. As for how much the deal is worth? Just know I’m very comfortable and happy with the package.

Nothing is known about your relationship status, tell us about the lady rocking your world?

There are two things I don’t talk about, my finance and my relationship. Just know I’m not missing any meal. I’m far from being lonely.

What do you look out for in women?

God-fearing, intelligent, beautiful, tall, well-mannered, a good cook, focused, sense of humour, highly conversational and loyal. These are part of the necessary ingredients in making the perfect Alexx Ekubo’s bride.

What has being a celebrity done for you?

Celebrity, superstar these are huge words to me. Until they can spell my full name and surname in Singapore, then I haven’t started yet. Until then, I’m just a young man living his dream.

Please, follow my real online handles on Instagram/Twitter, AlexxEkubo so you don’t get swindled in the hands of fake accounts online.

Lastly, to every aspiring entertainer out there, believe in yourself, believe greatly in yourself and your talent. Don’t let people who do not understand the beauty of your dream, tell you it’s impossible. Just remember impossible is I’m-possible spelt wrong. So, go out there, follow you heart and chase you dream. Nobody said it will be easy, but trust me in the end it will be worth it.  Never lose faith in God. He will surely crown your efforts with success.


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