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Fast rising actor, DEXTER ANAWANA speaks on the pains and gains of acting

Dexter Anawana is one of the fast-rising musicians in the Nigerian music industry. In an interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, the actor cum musician opened up on his career and lots more…


Can we meet you?

My name is Dexter Anawana. I am an actor and musician.

Being a music artiste, how did your journey into the movie industry begin?

It’s like a dream. I’ve always loved acting but never saw myself as an actor but pressure came from right left and centre. Most pressure though came from my elder brother who believed and encouraged me to take the step. It wasn’t long I found my big break late last year when I was called to Ghana for a sub-supporting role that had Ghanaian  stars like James Gardner, Nadia Buhari also starring in the movie, and the rest is history.

What movie would you say brought you to limelight?

I would say my first movie, Game Plan, a Ghanaian movie. My first acting experience I saw myself playing a roll completely different from what people even myself will ever imagine. But as challenging as it was it also brought out the best in me.

The movie industry is highly populated, how do you intend to stand the test of time?

I think hard work always pays so, I will keep working hard to keep up and also try to improve on my past performance anytime I have the opportunity to showcase what I can do, knowing my strong points and enhancing them, also knowing my weak points and improving on them. Learning from those who were there before me. Listening to other people’s views about my performance. These are some of the ways to keep up.

Any challenge so far?

Not much challenge so far because I had I little bit of ideas what I was entering into, being in the music industry for years, also due to the fact that I got my big break after my first movie. Judging from how I came up it will be unfair to my predecessors to say I had much challenge as an actor. So, apart from going for just one auditioning and not called back and trying to meet up with acting requirements and logistics on set, noting much.

What would you count as pains and gains?

Definitely, staying away from the ones closest to me as a result of being on set for production which could require me travelling to another state or country for months. Gains would be the feeling of having actualized an imagination I had as a kid of becoming an actor which fizzled away as I grew older.

Can you tell us about your music career?

I have been into music now for nine years. I just dropped a single entitled, Trouble now jamming the streets. The video will be dropping in few weeks. I’ve worked with artistes like Vector D’ Viper, Illbliss (Oga boss), Mc Loph, Konga, OBJ, Snazy, etc.

Do you have an album?

Yes, eight years ago I came out with an album entitled Never Forget.

Can you count how many movies you have featured?

I have featured in four movies since my debut in November last year. My first movie, Game Plan was done in Ghana, likewise my second movie, Mysterious Girls which was also done in Ghana. Both movies were produced by David Owusu. The other three were done in Nigeria.  Family Bomb directed by Theodore Anyanji. Little Ryan, a movie by Lawrence Onuzulike.

Aside acting and music what else do you do?

Everything I do has to do with acting or music, like script writing, movie production, song writing, music production, artiste management, etc.

Tell us about your background?

I am from Anambra State I attended W.T.C Primary School, New Estate Boys Secondary School and Enugu State University Of Science and Technology. I am the last born of a family of six, My dad, Dr. B.O Anawana, who I got my music blood from, even though he is aristocrat trained by Lord Mod, a member of the British monarchy and a member of the British parliament in Oxford University, London, where he got his PhD in a year and half due to his brilliance. The brilliance that also got him to dine with Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II in Buckingham Palace as a student, yet he and my mom (business woman) supported me in my quest to make it in the music industry. I also have three siblings all married with kids, all very supportive of my career choice. I will say I had well upbringing, my parents made sure of that. They were strict, loving and supportive. They trained us to be God fearing, they made sure I had everything I needed to make it.

How do you relax?

It depends on my mood. Most times I like to relax at home watching TV, sometimes I like to go to a cool sport in an elevated position not too noisy, where I can view the city and discuss with a friend or a partner over a couple of drinks‎.



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