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‘Fatherhood is a wonderful experience’ -IK Ogbonna

Handsome actor and model, IK Ogbonna and partner, Sonia Morales welcomed a baby boy a couple of weeks back. And both are still rejoicing as a result of this gift.

ENCOMIUM Weekly’s SHADE WESLEY-METIBOGUN had a chat with the talented actor about fatherhood and more…


How does it feel to be a father again?

It feels beautiful, it is a wonderful feeling and experience. God gives us life and it is wonderful to create life out of yourself and soul mate. It is really a blessing to have a wonderful son. I feel blessed and honoured. It is a sense of responsibility that I need to work with. I hope to become the best example of fatherhood my son has.

Why the choice of Ace as his name?

When you check the dictionary or in cards, Ace is a winning card. It is the game changer. In every situation, there is an ace, it signifies a winning situation. When you have an ace, it is automatic, it is a winning symbol. I believe my son is a winner, he is going to win in everything he does. He has come into our lives as a positive change and winning experience.

How will you manage the relationship between your daughter and Ace?

I love my daughter and I love my son. I am only going to be the best father I can be. My fiancé, Sonia has no problem. She loves my daughter very much. She is always talking about her. I am not going to have any complication. I thank God for the wife I have, the maturity and blessing He has bestowed the woman I have and want to spend the rest of my life with.

When are you getting married to Sonia?

It will be very soon. When the bell is going to ring, I am sure everybody will hear it.

How does it feel to be linked to a company like Coca Cola?

I feel honoured to have my name tagged to such a big multinational company like Coca Cola, and hopefully we would have a long lasting relationship beneficial to both parties.

Would you say 2015 has been productive for you?

God has been awesome to me. I can confidently say a very big yes ,I am grateful beyond words for all changes, progressions and blessings  that came my way when it comes to work, family and personal growth. A year of amazing prosperity and I believe it’s just the beginning.

You are now described as one of the most-sought after actors in Nollywood, how does that make you feel?

I owe it all to God. It is a priceless blessing to see your hard work paying off. I feel a huge gratitude from the bottom of my heart.  But the fact is, my appetite and ambition are growing with every new step I take. I am willing and ready to work even harder on my acting and everything that keeps me appreciated by my fans,plus a cautious sense of responsibility towards people that look up to me and people I love making proud. I am super motivated and that is why I never get tired.

Will your wife (Sonia),relocate to Nigeria?

My family is my support system, my backbone, and a family that lives and prays together stay together. My greatest joy is to wake up every day to the smile of my wife and son.

Tell us what you are working on at the moment?

I am passionately working on my CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) – ways to give back to the society. As we know, to whom much is given much is expected. Work wise, I am presently working from set to set (literally) on very different movie projects, so there will be a lot of movies coming out in cinemas, DVDs and online from August to December. You guys will enjoy it, I promise.

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