”Fatherhood is exciting’-De Don

Popular comedian and OAP, Okeremute Iruvwe popularly known as De Don and wife welcomed their first daughter on Tuesday, April 13, 2016. The elated father of two (a boy and girl) spoke with ENCOMIUM Weekly about fatherhood and sundry issues…


Congratulations on the arrival of your baby?

Thank you very much.

How does it feel to be a father again?

I am glad. I feel fulfilled. In fact, words cannot best describe the feeling of fathering a child. It’s just a great feeling.

What is the best thing about being a dad?

The consciousness of the responsibilities you have. You have to start doing what your parents did for you. Some years back, I was a bachelor but now, I hear my son call daddy. It’s really a wonderful feeling.

How is this experience compared to the previous one?

It is better. Though, I was not there. I was on location for the first four months when she was pregnant. When I came back from location, we both travelled abroad to the US and I left her there. I have not seen her since then.

When are you going to see her?

I have some project at hand that wouldn’t allow me go to see her now, but very soon, we will be reunited again.

How did you receive the news that she has put to bed and what was the feeling?

She called me after the baby was born. I was overwhelmed. I felt like a father. I was very happy.

Did you have preference for any sex?

I wanted two boys but my wife wanted a boy and a girl. God has granted her heart’s desire. She had a girl this time around.

How many more should we expect?

Considering the economic situation of the country, we will suspend it now till things get better. Then, we might consider having one more.

When exactly did she put to bed and what name are you giving her?

She put to bed on Tuesday, April 12, 2016 at 11:45pm in the US. She has a Spanish name Juana-monala. We also gave her Ogenerukewe. The Spanish name means God with us, while the other means God did it for me. We have done a christening. I had a conference call with my pastor. We will do the dedication when she returns.


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