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Fatty foods slow down a child’s brain  – Study

A new study cautions that fatty foods inhibit the development of a child’s brain so  much that it might cause mental illness.  According to the research, large amounts of sugar and fat reduces the levels of reelin (a key protein), which is important in joining neurons.

The brain’s function slows down without reelin and this hinders a child’s behaviour and memory.

According to one of the researchers, Urs Meyer, from ETH Zurich, Switzerland,  “These changes from a young age on-wards are more the result of the fatty foods themselves, and the impact they have on young brains, rather than arising from the mere fact of being obese.”

Also, lead author of the study, Marie Labouesse, noted that, “The quality of the food eaten by teenagers may also be particularly important for an optimal maturation of the prefrontal cortex.

“Our findings that high-fat diets during adolescence disrupt functioning of the adult pre-frontal cortex suggest that a careful nutritional balance during this sensitive period is pivotal for reaching the full capacity of adult pre-frontal functions.”

The findings reveal how unhealthy foods and fatness are associated to the growth of neurological conditions. Researchers also say deficiency in reelin causes brain disorders and Alzheimer’s disease.



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