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Gani Fawehinmi’s son unveils FAW Couture’s 2017 collection!

Saheed Fawehinmi, the son of adored late legal luminary and human rights activist ( Chief Gani Fawehinmi, SAN), has unveiled his 2017 collection. The gentleman behind FAW Couture spoke to about the ambitious project:

The inspiration for this collection emanated from ARCHITECTURE. I sought to play with various architectural elements in a bid to house the body in fabric. I was so fascinated by ergonomic architectural shapes from buildings that I wanted to use those shapes to house the body in the most flattering way .The use of columns and rotunda shapes are prevalent in the collection.

There are also crevices and craters inspired by craters on the surface of the moon which seeps in and out of several of the garments to create new and flattering silhouettes, shapes and proportions. Ergonomic shapes and scalloped edges added to the plural use of color illuminates this avant garde collection. There is a futuristic tone in this body of work which accompanies my search to peer into the ethos and derive what the future of dress ought to look like. All the garments are a combination of textured surface interest with bold new statement shapes.

Though the ideas and shapes are futuristic .There is almost a Romantic Elizabethan feeling emanating from this work which is derivative of both the feline, ladylike designs and the use of the material- Lace, which is dominant in the collection. Several other materials were used in a post modern way. These include Crepes, sateen, and glitters on tulle, beads, chiffon and metallic’s on tulle.

Perhaps, I could be permitted to refer to the collection in my own salutary way by calling it Bodytecture-Inspired by Architecture.



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