Faze and Blackface speak on the return of Plantashun Boyz

ON Sunday, February 2, 2014, defunct music group, Plantashun Boyz made up of Faze (Chibuzor Orji), Blackface (Ahmedu Obiabo) and Innocent Idibia (2Face) staged a comeback in a live performance in Festac Town, Lagos.

Excited fans were thrilled to a medley of old tunes by the once bubbling group.  ENCOMIUM Weekly took two of them up (Faze and Blackface) on how it feels reuniting.  They also spoke on the future of the group.

‘It feels good to be on stage with my friends’ – BLACKFACE

blackfaceHow does it feel performing as Plantashun Boyz?

It feels good to be on stage together with my friends.  People have been longing for the songs we performed because it originated from the group.  It was a nice thing.

Should we expect a collabo soon?

Yes, I am working on a collabo with the other two.  Very soon, it will materialize.

Plantashun Boyz was to release an album sometime back, what happened to it?

It was released.  The title is Plan B.

Aside the album, anything in the offing for Plantashun Boyz?

It is all about management.  Our management will have to put that in place.  Everybody is busy, if we can find time to do it, why not?

What do you miss about not being together?

I am not missing much, since we are all busy pursuing our careers separately.

It is believed that there is still beef between the three of you?

We don’t have a beef, we only speak out our mind about each other when situation warrants it.

What is the relationship between the three of you?

Fine, we are good.

So, what are you working on?

I am working on my album entitled, Descender.  We are looking at March.  Very soon, we will put up a date for it.  I am thinking of including a song Plantashun Boyz did together, maybe I will include it in the album.

‘The combination was perfect’ – FAZE

FazeHow does it feel that Plantashun Boyz is back?

It feels memorable, it feels good.  It is not the first time we will be doing such anyway.  It really feels great and exciting to sing together again.

Should fans look forward to a collabo very soon?

We have been working together, though we all have our busy schedules.  I believe the time will come for that.

Sometime ago, Plantashun Boyz started work on an album, but we didn’t hear about it again?

We worked on it but we have not really finished it. It is in the making.  We are all busy pursuing our solo careers and other things.  Very soon, an album should drop from Plantashun Boyz.

What do you miss about not being together?

The company, the unity, the combination was very perfect.

It was alleged that the three of you are always beefing each other, what is your take on that?

They are old stories, two people are married with kids among us.  We are more matured now, no relationship is without hiccup.  That is how life is but I assure you we are all good friends.

What is your relationship with the other two?

They are my brothers and friends.

What should fans expect from your stable?

My album is in progress.  I have a collabo I am working on.  My two singles, Lambo and Ifeoma video will soon be out. I am also working on a new single, it will be coming out soon.


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