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Felabration 2019 Secondary Schools Debates

Wednesday, October 9, 2019, is the finals of this year’s FELABRATION SECONDARY SCHOOLS DEBATES. The event comes up at 9am inside the Freedom Park on Campbell/Broad Streets, Lagos. The topic for the debate is“Persons Above The Age 70 Should Not Be Allowed To Contest Political Positions”.

Ten secondary schools are taking part in this year’s contest, five public schools and five private schools. The Private Schools are :

  • Greensprings School, Anthony Village, Lagos
  • Ronic Comprehensive College, Ejigbo, Lagos.
  • Vivian Fowler Memorial College, Ikeja, Lagos
  • Baptist Academy, Obanikoro,Lagos
  • Rainbow College, Surulere, Lagos. (The Defending Champion)

The Public Secondary Schools include :

  • Ipakodo Senior Secondary School, Ikorodu, Lagos
  • Epe High School, Epe, Lagos
  • Randle Senior Secondary School, Surulere, Lagos
  • Oregun Senior Secondary School, Oregun-Ojota, Lagos.
  • OkeOdo Senior Secondary School, Agege, Lagos.

However, on the rostrum, the schools are mixed on both sides of the divide. Meaning that both the Private and Public Schools are represented in the pros and cons of the debates.

The Competition Judges are :

  • Chief Chris Borha
  • Mr. Kunle Bakare (Publisher)
  • Mrs. MorayoAfolabi-Browne ( TV Presenter/Producer)
  • Ms. JumokeAlawode-James (Media Personality/Producer)
  • Mrs. NymaAkashat-Zibri ( Lawyer/TV Personality)

Renowned Radio Personality, Mr. Steve Onu popularly known as “Yaw”, will moderate the event.

The winning prize this year is a bass guitar and a digital combo. This is in line with FELABRATION’S Mission to develop music at the childhood stages. Over the years various music instruments like the keyboards, drum set, etc were the winning prizes.

The FELABRATION SECONDARY SCHOOLS DEBATES is designed to sensitise the teenagers, early, to the environmental issues around them. FELA in whose Honour FELABRATION Holds, was very particular about teenagers. He believed in the Power of The Youth, particularly teenagers towards effecting the desired societal changes.

FELA deliberately courted teenagers by dedicating a weekly Sunday Show, “The Sunday Jump”, to them. It was an afternoon concert which stretched from 4pm to 9pm, good enough time for teenagers to be out without parental worries. These concerts were to form bedrock of FELA’S Youth Vanguards eventually. Although the FELABRATION SECONDARY SCHOOLS DEBATES don’t necessarily tinker directly with the mindsets of the competing students as FELA’S sermons at his Sunday Jump did, yet it provides a fertile ground for teenage brainstorming on contemporary issues. This year’s edition promises to be explosive. The Secondary Schools Debates is the tonic that let Loose The FELABRATION FIRE annually. Let’s do it again.



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