Fellow pastors okay MFM Olukoya’s call for Christians participation in politics

-There’s nothing wrong in it’, they chorus
General Overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracles (MFM), Dr Kolawole Daniel Olukoya has  advised that Christians should also embrace politics. He stated that it wasn’t a political campaign but a call for a destiny campaign.
However, the comment by the Akure, Ondo born clergy has been heavily criticised by some Christians who believe politics is only for evil and corrupt people in the society. But some preachers of the Word sought their views on the issue saw nothing wrong in Christians  taking part in politics if only to correct the ills in the system.
According to Pastor Tunde Awoniyi, “There’s nothing wrong in christians participating in politics. If they don’t do it, who will now correct all the ills in governance? So, Christians are very much needed when it comes to politics as far as Nigeria is concerned. They only need to go there and show good examples.”
Also speaking in favour of the call, Prophet Ade Oke Owo of  Word of Liberty International said, “Yes, he’s correct. Christians are allowed to join politics. There’s nothing bad in it. It’s in accordance with the Bible. I also support it. We can live everything in the hands of corrupt and non faithful individuals who dont have the fear of God.”
In his submission, Prophet Olagunroye Faleyimu of Mountain of Miracles and Blessings added that there’s nothing new in it as Prophet Samuel in the Bible ruled Israel successfully. And thereafter, no other government was like his.
“There’s nothing wrong in Christians taking part in politics. Even, Pastor Adeboye has also encouraged his church members to do that. Years back, when Buhari chose Pastor Tunde Bakare as his running mate, while a lot of christians were criticizing him, I was one of the few that supported the move. Now, everbody is getting to realise that time has come for us to be taking part in politics.
“I have said it many times in some of my previous interviews, it’s when a man of God takes over the mantle of leadership of this country that everything will be alright. And that will surely come to pass starting from 2023. If men of God reject to take part in the administration of this country, who will now do it according to the will of God? If you check the bible very well, Prophet Samuel’s government was the best in Israel. After him, no other person ruled succesfully. So, it’s a good advice.”
Corroborating the earlier submissions, a Celestial Church of Christ (CCC) priest, Prophet Sunday Oluode also opined, “There’s nothing wrong in that. Even, there’s nothing new in it as well. It’s in the Bible. Christians have to participate in politics so that everything will be alright.”



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