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Female celebs on why they are not yet married, ‘A lot of women don’t know how to manage their homes’ -BIMBO THOMAS (1)

It is increasingly difficult to get married these days. And you can see a lot of our successful female celebrities are not yet married for one reason or the other.

ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with some single female celebrities on why they are not married.


Can you please share with us the secret of your success in your chosen career?



It has been God all through. Without God, I won’t be where I am today and I have not gotten to where I want to be.

What was your biggest challenge and how did you face it?

Staying as a celebrity has been my greatest challenge. 99.9 percent of celebrities try to be anonymous but I deal with publicity. I go out. At times, I just want to be me, but there is a limit to what I can do, because I am some people’s role model. You can’t be yourself because people try to gossip a lot and it’s been a battle.

What does love mean to you?

Love is love. It is beautiful. I believe in love, though I do not have a big share of it. I love people and it’s nice being loved.

Does being single bother/worry you?

It doesn’t bother me. I know there is a time the right thing will happen.

Why has it been difficult for you to get married?

No, it depends on the individual. Staying married is more difficult. You can get a man whenever you want, but a lot of women don’t know how to manage their homes. I promise myself to be good when I get there.

So, what are the qualities of the man you want to spend the rest of your life with?

I want a God fearing man with quality brain. Confident person who will stand up to his right any day and of course, good looking because I am good looking as well.

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