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Female celebs on why they are not yet married: ‘All I want is a man that will love me for all my flaws’- IFY OKEKE (6)

Can you please share with us the secret of your success in your chosen career?



My major secret is being myself. I do not like to fake who I am to get one thing or another. People should be able to like me for the real me not by trying to be someone else.

What was your biggest challenge and how did you face it?

My tiny voice has always been a challenge because people see I’m a big person and do not expect me to have such a tiny or small voice. When casting for a movie they always want me to take the role of a mother due to my stature but because of my voice I get dropped. Another challenge is running my NGO, I run it with my own money until recently I started getting support from friends and few colleagues.

What does love mean to you?

For me, love is an expression of your action and must be kept loyal at all times. It means so much to me.

Does being single bother/worry you?

No. Back then in secondary school, everyone’s dream was to finish well, get married and start having children. But in the real world, it is a different ball game entirely. As you grow older and tend to know God, things begin to work out in a brand new light.

Why has it been difficult for you to get married?

I don’t think so. What majority do not put into consideration or understand is that, once it is your time, there would be no difficulty.

So, what are the qualities of the man you want to spend the rest of your life with?

Everybody wants to get married to a man who is God fearing, handsome and much more. All I want is a man that will love me for all my flaws, understand me, trust me and most important, communicate well with me.

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