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Female celebs on why they are not yet married: ‘It’s a bit difficult to stay married’ – PRINCESS (5)

Can you please share with us the secret of your success in your chosen career?

It has been hard work, consistency, grace of God and the passion for my job.



What was your biggest challenge and how did you face it?

Financial support, lack of security, enabling environment but God is in control.

What does love mean to you?

Love is romantic, love is relating to somebody unconditionally, irrespective of social status or background. Love is trust.

Does being single bother/worry you?

No, I am living alone. I have fun with family, friends and colleagues. I am not bothered. It is not a bad thing at all.

Why has it been difficult for you to get married?

I can’t answer that. I was once married but for entertainers it’s a bit difficult to stay married. For example, financially, security wise, it’s good to be married. It’s lovely to have your own family. I encourage people to get married.

So, what are the qualities of the man you want to spend the rest of your life with?

For me, simple things like hard working, fear of God. Someone who will make me laugh even though I am a comedian. Someone who will be my friend. He must know how to dance very well. I love dancing a lot.

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