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Female Islamic singer, Queen Seidat Al-Mubarak battles colleague over impersonation

This is not a good time for the famous Queen of Zikir in Nigeria, Queen Seidat Almubarak. She recently cried that a younger Islamic singer, Obedat Alubarikaobi has been parading herself as the original Queen Seidat Almubarak.

The very beautiful mother of two children and multiple award winning musician decided to remain calm until this latest development in a phone chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Friday, January 23, 2015.

What is really happening, some of your fans claimed you are in the United States of America while some are warming up for your show here in Nigeria, will you want to clear the air about that?

I’m currently in United States of America but I got a call from Nigeria that Obedat has been going from one media house to another impersonating me. I don’t know why. She’s also been using my name (Seidat) and this has generated serious controversy within and outside the country.

As a matter of fact, a lot of personalities have been defrauded with this act of hers. I’ll only appeal to well meaning Nigerians to tell Obedat to put a final end to her nefarious activities. I started getting emails, phone calls accusing me of trolling their sites, and other messages that made me know someone was pretending to be me on some fora.

I checked and sure enough there’s someone using my name, dressing like me, using my name, email address, my Facebook profile, and my Linkedin page. But am sure this won’t end well for her, which is the reason am appealing to well meaning Nigerians now, to advice her to desist from this fraud.

Are you saying you are not the same artiste that is planning an event in Nigeria?

Of course, I’m not. I have been in the States for few months. I came here on maternity break, so I put to bed within the same period. May I sincerely tell Nigerians and my fans in the diaspora to ignore the counterfeit ‘Queen Seidat’.

So, how do you feel with this development?

This is disturbing! Her name is Obaeda Alubarikaobi. She has been blackmailing me. This is fraud and I felt the need to cry out because it’s not funny anymore, enough is enough. She has operated several scams against me, begging and getting money from people with my name.

Recently, she went to the extreme, using my picture on City People magazine that she wanted to celebrate her 10years on stage, inviting people to her event, pretending to be me and I’m presently in New York and I, Queen Sediat has been on stage over 19years. I have contacted City People magazine and they assured me that they will correct the issues in their magazine.

I warned Obaeda Alubarikaobi, a.k.a. Fake Queen Seidat several times but she refused to listen. I reported her to the law enforcement agency and took the necessary steps I needed to take on this issue.

When I had my house warming, she claimed to be the one that did it, I bought a car she claimed the same, so many unpalatable things and people always mistake her for me because we look alike. I need to make people aware of this impostor of Queen Seida Almubarak. I have to clear myself and protect my name from the mess she put me.

Have you, at any time had any relationship with her?

Yes, I once accommodated her when she had nowhere to live, as a believer and a good Muslim, what I did was for Allah. I never knew she had an ulterior motive because people were at that period saying she was copying my mode of dressing, but I never knew she could be this dangerous.


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