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Filling stations exploiting Nigerians, petrol sells for over N100

Nigerians have reacted to the ongoing fuel scarcity in the nation, as filling stations all over the country have refused to sell at the official price of N86.50. Several stations in Nigeria now sell the Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), otherwise known as petrol, at the rate of N100 – N150.

 This development appears not to go down well with the citizens of the nation as they complain bitterly. encomium.ng had a chat with consumers, filling station attendants and managers; where they reveal to us their pains concerning the scarcity.


MRS. TAYO:  There is no fuel, some filling stations will keep the petrol they had for people who are willing to buy at high rate. The situation is getting tough, government should help us.

YINKA: The petrol we are buying here is sold at N130 per litre, yet we pay extra N200 charge. We have been on this queue for hours just to get fuel. I think the situation is turning upside down, federal government should do something.

MRS WILLIAMS: Despite the high cost of selling, we struggle hard to get it. I think those in power should come to our rescue.

MR LARRY OSIGI (petrol station manager): The scarcity issue is not our fault, we are also buying petrol at expensive rate from the depot. Imagine buying fuel at N95 or N96 from the depot and selling at the official rate of N86.50. That’s a big loss, I must confess. People need to understand this, and help plead with the government.

MR JOSEPH OGUNUSI: The current situation of fuel scarcity baffles me a lot. Nigerians need to know the problem is not from filling stations, although many filling stations have taken that as an opportunity to sell at unbearable rates. Thus, making it a burden for the people who consume petrol daily to run their businesses. All we need to do is to urge the government to help. If we keep blaming petrol stations, it is not the solution.

BUKOLA ADEDAPO: We are not comfortable selling fuel at expensive rates, the queue and the number of people coming here daily to get fuel is another stress entirely. Meanwhile, a lot of Nigerians believe we are responsible for the sudden increase in price, but it is not so. Let us just hope that things will get better. We should beg federal government to curb the situation on ground.


@Shukurat Alimi and Oluwafemi Soewu, encomium.ng


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