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First projector smart phone, others debut at Lenovo’s Global Tech World Conference

Global PC leader, Lenovo, recently demonstrated its technology leadership and innovation by announcing the world’s first smart phone with a built-in laser projector that allows users to create a virtual touch screen or keyboard on any surface. Dubbed Smart Cast, the innovative smart phone was unveiled in Beijing, China at Lenovo’s first exclusive global technology event, the Lenovo Global Tech World Conference.

According to Lenovo, Smart Cast is designed to make smart phones as usable as PCs through virtual technology. The virtual keyboard can be projected onto a table or other surfaces, giving smart phone users a standard keyboard on which to type. The projector can beam the content from the smart phone onto a wall or large screen, making it ideal for making presentations, watching videos and much more.

Also making its debut at the event was the world’s first ‘dual-screen’ smart watch, Magic View. The smart watch features a second, virtual display that is 20 times larger than the display of its main, physical screen. The device, which Lenovo says will eliminate the limitations associated with small screens on wearable devices, uses optical reflections to create virtual images.

Shashank Sharma, Executive Director, Mobile Business Group at Lenovo, Middle East and Africa (MEA) described the new devices as breakthrough product concepts that will change the way people interact with technology.

“Lenovo occupies a unique position in the technology industry. This is because we can deliver the devices, smart connectivity and infrastructure required to create a great user experience and satisfy real user needs. More so, we communicate with our consumers everyday regarding how we can innovate together. They are our partners in defining the future of technology.

We will continue to deliver innovation to solve problems and address customer pain points.  We will bring together hardware, software and services to transform the user experience. This is our vision, and these new products present glimpses of the next wave of Lenovo innovation,” he said.

Yet another ground-breaking technology unveiled at the conference was Lenovo’s Smart Shoes concept which takes wearable technology to another level by outfitting high-tech shoes with the ability to display mood and fitness data directly on screens embedded into the shoes.

While still in their concept stage, these new products confirm that Lenovo is thinking beyond its origins as a PC manufacturer. The company recently purchased Motorola’s smartphone business from Google which, combined with its smartphone business, makes it the world’s third largest smartphone maker.

In addition to unveiling new concept products, Lenovo also launched a new logo, which according to Sharma, is symbolic of its ongoing transformation. The company now depends less on revenue from its PC division, even as this part of its business continues to record massive growth. Its revenue channels have broadened significantly, with its PC division being responsible for only 65 percent revenue today, down from 82 percent six months ago, as smartphones and tablets, alongside other products and services continue to generate more income. In the smartphone space, Lenovo shipped a record of 76 million smartphones globally in 2014, seeing the company sell more smartphones than PCs during this period.

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