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Fish and meat consumption drops

Prices of goods have gone up and a lot of market women are trying to come to terms with it.

We sampled the opinion of fish and meat sellers on how recession is affecting them…



Sales is no longer like before. I used to sell at least four slates of fish daily, hardly can I sell two now. Fish is too expensive, people are not buying. One of my loyal costumers usually passes here daily. In the last one month, she has not branched to just price fish. You can imagine.



The current situation of the country has made sales to drop. One of my customers once asked me, is it possible to buy meat when one is not sure of where the food would come from? My prayer is that God should help our leaders to make good their promises. Times are really hard.



Sales have really gone down. Things are not like before. Customers price anyhow and we cannot blame them, it is because the money is not there. I hardly finish selling two slates per day. At times, I just wonder what people are eating in their homes.



In all things, we should give thanks. First of all for life, good health and His other blessing.

Of a truth, market has not been like before but I still thank God. When there is life, there is hope. Everything will get better one day. My prayer is that God will help our leaders to put things right.



Things are expensive and our customers keep on complaining. But there is noway we can sell below cost price. We too must make our profit from it, everything is interwoven. Sales has been dragging, we are just trying our best not to give up on the country. Yesterday, I was able to sell all the fish I 17-market_wmbrought, I was excited, I am praying that days ahead will be better.



Recession has made everything very expensive. But we are managing. I have reduced the amount of meat I take to sell in the market. I try as much as possible not to have left over that can lead to loss. It’s better to make small profit than nothing.



It is really affecting us seriously. Most times, we end up eating our meats by ourselves because customers will come and be pricing meat worth N2,500 as N800, and if you do not sell to them they will patronize another person. So what I do is  to joke with them and explain the condition of things and I  thank Allah that most of them buy and those that cannot afford the bidding will go to another place.



I thank God because Allah in the Holy Quran said we should thank him. Everybody knows the country is very tough now, recession is really going tough on us. Before, if I bring meat worth N15,000, I will make close to N30,000 or N20,000. But now, if I bring meat  worth N15,000, if I make  N11,000 I will be dancing home because it is not easy to come across such amount now. Most times we have to persuade customers to buy from us even though we are selling at  a loss.

A customer told me to sell meat today and I cut four pieces for her for N400. She was complaining but I had to explain to her, meat of N15,000 is like carrying nothing for sale, so how much will I sell. It is really affecting us because if we don’t sell the meat, we will end up carrying it home to eat by ourselves.



This recession is not helping issues at all because everyone in Nigeria knows things are very expensive in the market and a lot of people are struggling to survive. No customer has come to price meat since morning.  I had to change my location for today. Thank God I have seen improvement since I came to the entrance of the market but the way customers are pricing the meat is as if I stole them.



This recession period is not easy at all for everybody. Fish is very expensive, because of that, I try my best not to sell at a loss. If not, I will not have money to buy another one and sell. Usually, I explain to my customers and if we bargain and it is something I will not regret, I will sell to them. If not, they should check another place.


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