Hakeem with his 2nd wife, Adenike-002
Hakeem with his sister, Folorunso Alakija

Hakeem with his sister, Folorunso Alakija

Not a few people were taken aback few weeks when Hakeem Ogbara, the younger brother of Africa’s wealthiest woman Folorunsho Alakija got married to his second wife, Folakemi Aladeniyi and his sister, Folorounsho Alakija was conspicuously absent.

The introduction cum nikkai which took place at Maryland, Lagos residence of the bride’s parents on Sunday, April 6, 2014, had in attendance all other family members of the Ogbaras, led by their patriarch, Chief Razak Ogbara and friends of Hakeem Ogbara.

ENCOMIUM Weekly gathered that Chief (Mrs.) Folorunsho Alakija’s absence was probably deliberate because she did not approve of it.

She was said to have vehemently opposed her brother having another wife when he should be consolidating his first marriage which is blessed with three children all of whom are grown up and university graduates.

Many believed that Chief (Mrs.) Folorunsho Alakija and her brother, Hakeem Ogbara, are too close for her to be present during the introduction/nikkai ceremony of his second marriage.

Some people were also of the opinion that she did not approve of the marriage because she did not like the lifestyle of Folakemi Aladeniyi, who is said to be a businesswoman, who travels abroad particularly to Dubai to buy goods which she sells in her shop at Alade Market, Ikeja, Lagos.

ENCOMIUM Weekly also gathered that Hakeem, who is the Managing Director of Hakoy Integrated Services, a business consultancy firm did not inform his first wife, Adenike Idayat Ogbara aka Iya Fali, of his intention to get married to a second wife until after the introduction ceremony of Sunday, April 6, 2014.

As expected, she (Adenike) has shown displeasure of her husband’s betrayal. Folakemi, the second wife, who had a child from her previous relationship is said to have adopted a muslim name, Hakeemat.

Hakeem Ogbara, who is said to be in his early 50s, is the last child of Chief (Mrs.) Folorunsho Alakija’s late mother’s six children.

The first child of the six children is Chief Razak Ogbara. He is followed by Chief (Mrs.) Folorunsho Alakija. After Mrs. Alakija, are two other men and a woman, popularly called Iya Tolani.

ENCOMIUM Weekly called and texted Chief (Mrs.) Folorunsho Alakija, to get her response but she did not reply our call and text message until we went to press.


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