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Foluke Daramola and husband excited over one year marriage

‘It has been wonderful and challenging’ – KAYODE SALAKO

‘It has changed my life, positioned me for fulfillment’-  FOLUKE

 ON Saturday, February 15, 2014, star actress, Foluke Daramola-Salako and her activist hubby, Kayode Ezekiel Salako marked the first anniversary of their marriage quietly.  But that does not mean the day went unnoticed.  According to the couple, they went on a boat cruise where they celebrated each other to high ecstasy.

...with husband

…with husband

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a phone interview with the joyous husband and wife on Friday, February 21, 2014, on their matrimonial experience in the last 365 days and much more…

How does it feel celebrating one year of your marriage to star actress Foluke Daramola?

It feels good and cool.  I am living with a woman I’m destined to live with by God Himself.  I am acting God’s instruction.  This is not about Foluke’s so-called juju.  People who are close to us know it is beyond what juju can sustain.  I have always said it, it is about God and destiny.  Right now, I am living with my own destined woman and I feel good and fulfilled about it.  I am okay with Foluke, and so far, no regret about it.

How would you describe the experience so far?

The experience has been that of living in the eyes of the public.  Living with Foluke has made me more of a public person and a celebrity spouse.  Everything about me now is news.  The experience has been new and controversial but I believe that is the way God wants it.  Marrying a showbiz star is marrying a public life and controversy.  I am learning to get used to it.  But in all, living with Foluke herself has been good and full of mouth watering experience, which I love.

Would you say it was turbulent initially going by the controversy that trailed the relationship?

The controversy wasn’t an unpleasant one. It shook everything about the two of us.  At a period, Foluke would cry all through the night, asking God why she got herself involved in the whole mess.  But each time, something would always happen to re-establish the conviction.  Something will always come up to show and reassure us that we are on the right path.  It was very turbulent and challenging.  It affected everything about us, including our business, public image and social life.  Some people saw my wife as a husband snatcher and all that.  Some even saw me as an irresponsible man, who drove his wife and children out because he wanted to marry a star.  But they all got it wrong.  What happened was all about God Himself.  He has only proved Himself that nothing He has said that won’t come to pass.  He is the one who established the marriage.

You always claim marrying Foluke has been the best thing that has happened to you, can you expatiate on that?

As at today, marrying Foluke is the best that has happened to me. I don’t know of tomorrow.  There is nothing as good as living with the will of God over one’s life.  Foluke is the Will of God that I am happy living with.  And so far, she has been a wonderful aspect of me.  She is a definition of all I want in a woman.  And she is trying to make the marriage work.

Would you say this has been justified in the last one year of being together?

Yes!  It has been justified.  Foluke does not have the money or any other material thing to give me, but she has given me life and a reason to feel satisfied.  One unique aspect of Foluke is that she is not wayward and materialistic.  She is a thoroughbred woman who has the characteristic qualities of a typical Nigerian woman.  Very homely and caring.

Would you say your life has witnessed total and desired change since you married Foluke?

I am still who I am.  And the two of us are working to make sure things that need to change for the better in our lives actually change.  Everyone prays for economic expansion.  And we are also praying for good things to come our way in the marriage.  But relationship wise, the only thing that has changed is that I am now with Foluke Daramola as my wife. Besides, I am still who I am.

What is the difference between your new relationship and the past one?

The past relationship was much more private and quiet.  But the present one lacks all the element of privacy.  No privacy at all for both of us.

A lot of people believe you’re over celebrating your new wife, suggesting you’re either a star freak or something diabolical is involved somehow, what’s your reaction to this?

What Foluke deserves is what she is getting.  Celebrating her is deliberate.  This is the time I have to identify with her so that she does not feel lonely.  If I keep quiet as if she actually hypnotized me or lured me to marry her, then it is not going to be the best to prove the reality right.  The controversy started the celebration. So, I have to show that we’re together in the situation by letting the world know it is not about diabolism.  Juju doesn’t work like that.  If it is juju, people close to us or my family members would have known.  Foluke does not do juju.  All she believes in is her Psalms and reading her books.  It cannot be that bad for Foluke to be using juju to woo men.  She does not belong to that kind of crude orientation.  I am deliberately celebrating her to identify with her.  She is a good woman so, she deserves to be happy.  This does not make me a star freak.  Besides, Foluke met me a public figure on our Fasholamania project. I have had more than 200 print and electronic media exposures even before I met Foluke.  And she knows I don’t celebrate vague and vain things.  I don’t identify with rubbish. I don’t celebrate vanity.

Some also expected that the marriage would crash soon as it kicked off, what has kept it till date?

If the relationship had crashed as quickly as some people had expected, then the two of us do not know what we are doing.  We are determined to sustain it and we are working towards making it work.  The conviction is deep enough to make it work.  If it is true that this is about God, then it must continue to work for the benefit of the two of us.  We know we are in something that has to work.  I keep reminding Foluke about this all the time especially, when she wants to start forgetting. I fight her for being naughty most times.  But at the same time, we know we are made for each other.  Besides, in this part of the world, it is not common for men to celebrate their wives on the pages of newspapers and magazines.  But in our own case, we cannot help it. It has been a controversial relationship from the beginning, also a celebrated one as well.  So, we do not have a choice but to continue to celebrate it.

What lessons would you say the experience from the relationship has taught you so far?

The experience my marriage to Foluke Daramola-Salako has taught me including my wife is that we are all pencils in the Hands of the Creator.  He uses us to write whatever He likes.  I have also come to realize that what is going to be will be, and what’s not going to be will never be.  If anybody had told me that I am going to be the destined husband of Foluke, I will not believe it.  She says the same thing also.

Was there any special gift you gave your wife for the wedding anniversary?

What I promised to always give her is my attention and sincerity.  And that is all I have always given her.  We are not used to celebrating materialism.  She didn’t marry me because of money. What Foluke wants is happiness and she is getting it in sufficient quantity.  Let me also add, Foluke Daramola-Salako is not a perfect woman.  And I do not intend to portray her as such.  She is a woman who can manifest the unpleasant attributes of a typical woman.  In fact, Foluke is a tough woman who has the blood and orientation of a man. She is bold and daring but that would never make me abuse or insult her. In spite of all these, she is an ideal woman who deserves the comfort and company of a mentally matured man who can live with her, understand her and accept her for who she is.  But on the other wise of Foluke, is a woman who is passionately loving, focused, principled, determined to be great and successful.  She is open-hearted, very homely and Godly.  Foluke is a very good woman, but if a man doesn’t understand her, her nature may be misconstrued.  One more thing, she is a fantastic mother, a wife and a very good cook.  I am okay with my wife, Foluke Daramola-Salako.

What of the best gift she has also given you?

The best gift Foluke has given me is her heart.  And what she gave me on our anniversary is still a promise, to always stay with me no matter what.  She says her heart will always be in my custody.  And this is the best gift any woman can give a man.  That is the best gift I will always appreciate from her.

‘This marriage has changed my life, it has positioned me for fulfillment’ – FOLUKE

Foluke Daramola

Foluke Daramola

How does it feel celebrating first anniversary of your marriage to Kayode Salako?

It feels happy and great.  I am also grateful to God for His faithfulness and being able to sustain our love and conviction till this moment. I feel the best I have never felt, living with Kayode Salako Adeorimi.  So far, he has proved to be a true companion, soulmate, father, brother, husband, best friend and lover.  He is also my greatest critic and mentor.

Going by the controversy that trailed the marriage, did you ever think it would ever last a month, let alone a year?

Of course, I did because before I took my decision I was convinced of what I was going into, and I knew I could sustain it with the help of God Almighty aside the fact that I knew God has blessed me with a rare specie in my hubby.  I knew what we share can and will always stand the test of time.  Regardless of the prevalent and unforeseen challenges, the two of us decided to go into it with the determination to sustain it.

How were you able to cope with the condemnation from within and outside the industry by some who labelled you a husband snatcher?

Naturally, I felt bad, especially because I was accused unjustly but I guessed loving also has to come with sacrifices and consistency so I knew with time the end will definitely justify the means.  I was and I am still convinced in my spirit that I am on the right path and I was only carrying out a God destined instruction for my life.  I knew I am not here to snatch another woman’s husband. Right now, I know I am living with my conviction and I am very happy.

Would you say marrying Salako has changed your life?

Of course, it hasn’t only changed my life, it has also repositioned it to fulfillment.  First, as a happily married woman to the one I love so much.  Second, it has brought back my self esteem.  Third, it has improved my children’s psychological and mental well being, knowing they have a true father, a feeling that can never be bought with money.

What are the specific things you have achieved in the last one year of being with Kayode Salako?

I have achieved all because if I have true companionship, true and undiluted love and peace of mind, friendship and fulfiment as a woman, then you have achieved all.  I can’t thank God enough for bringing my own husband to my destiny because men like my Adeorimi Olukayode Salako are few and rare to come by in our society.

A lot of your fans, we believe, would have loved to witness you celebrate the first wedding anniversary with a new baby.  Is there anything wrong somewhere?

To be honest, nothing is wrong.  We have five children already.  We are just taking our time, child bearing is not attractive.  So, for now, we are relishing on the companionship of each other and we are enjoying it while it lasts especially before the children start coming in because we all know that children always divide attention.

Or making baby is not in your agenda?

Like I said, it is but it’s not immediately.

In what way would you say you have also influenced your husband in the last one year?

My hubby tells me he is a happy man living with me and that’s a positive influence on its own.  When a man is emotionally stable and psychologically balanced then he can think and function well.  To me, that’s the greatest influence a woman can have on a man.  Besides, I play my role in the areas of giving my all to support his economic survival and business expansion.  I play all the roles I can to make my husband fulfilled.  Above all, I support him with my fervent prayers and personal supplications.  And also my usual Psalms recitation (laughs).

Can you describe briefly how you celebrated the wedding anniversary?

We decided to keep our first anniversary quiet because there had been too much noise around us, so we decided to keep it low by going on a private boat cruise to celebrate each other and we wouldn’t want to release the pictures now.


Some of the pictures exposed a lot of my body.  So, I don’t want them out, and my hubby too.



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