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Foluke Daramola denies bleaching to suit husband

‘I’ve no problem with my hubby’s ex-wife’

Let’s know what’s happening to your career right now?

First, I am putting finishing touches to my movie, Cobweb.  I am also working on my foundation, Arise Against Rape Africa (AARA), which is mainly on rape and abuse. I discovered that this is what calls for urgent attention right now.  There is no day newspapers won’t report rape.  That’s the reason I have not been so much involved in acting this time around.

...with husband

…with husband

Does that mean you’re planning to quit acting?

No.  It’s just that I am busy doing other things.  You all know I have been acting since I was 15, and I have been doing practically the same thing for the whole time.  I just told myself I needed to rebrand.  That’s’ why recently, I got myself involved in movie directing.  I also want to identify with something different. I just want to pay back, that’s why I am involved more in my foundation at the moment.  But that does not mean if I get a more challenging role, I won’t consider the script.  I am still very much on ground.

We learnt you have been appointed a brand ambassador in Ekiti, while some said you were given a career job by Governor Fayemi. What’s the truth about the whole thing?

Even before now, I have always been a brand ambassador in Ekiti because we had something like promotional clips on Channels Television, about two years ago.  So, I have since been a brand ambassador for the state.  But I believe a lot of people didn’t know that because it wasn’t publicized.  But what we have now is called EKITIFEST.  It’s a celebration of culture in Ekiti State.  Then, it’s the indigenous celebrities that are like the brand faces for the festival.  The first lady is the chairperson.  And she had already spoken to me about it before we’re all invited.  Then, I said it’s okay by me, I would see how we can work on it.  Then, fortunately for me, I was invited alongside some professors including Prof. Ojo, Odunlade Adekola, Moji Olaiya and others.  All of us are now Ekiti brand ambassadors.  And we’re also into committees, which made it public because I happened to be in the committee for sponsorship and corporate marketing of the event.  When we talk of corporate marketing, it’s like a brand face.  I am the only celebrity in that committee.  So, I am like a brand face of the event.  That’s why there is need for us to make a lot of noise about it.

What’s the financial reward for the assignment?

It’s not all about money.  Fine, I can’t do such a thing without money but the fact that it’s coming from my state, I see it as a recognition first.  The fact that my state has decided to relate with me, having identified the fact that I have done well for myself educationally and career wise, it’s something of joy and I am happy about it.  So, the issue of money doesn’t come now. I am proud to be an ambassador of my state.  That’s exactly what is exciting to me right now.

You’re now lighter in complexion.  A lot of people said you bleached to satisfy your new husband, Kayode Salako.  What’s your reaction to this?

Basically, like I always tell anybody who cares, I have never been a dark person.  Ever since, I have not been going out often. It’s only natural for a normal lady that’s decent and purposely there, for you to use cream that can tone you up.  But my husband has never known me to be dark.

But you’re not this fair before?

(Cuts in) Maybe because you don’t see me every time.  For instance, someone saw my pictures when I was a baby. The person said, “Oh, you’re this fair.”  Even if you saw me when I was doing my first degree, I wasn’t dark. I have never been a dark person.  Maybe, I might have used a cream that perhaps might have toned me up a bit.  But naturally, I am not a dark person. If you see my mom’s picture and that of my daughters, you will notice they are both fair.  One thing is that if I travel out, I always look fairer and fresher.  So, how come people are just concluding that I am bleaching?  I am not.  Anyway, when I was in my previous marriage, I had my little challenges.  Then, I looked pale.  So, a lot of people didn’t know my real complexion. But come to think of it, what do I stand to gain from bleaching?  I will never be found doing such a thing.  I don’t even have that kind of patience.  So, when people are saying I am bleaching, I just keep wondering.

But they said you’re doing it to satisfy your husband…

I don’t know about that o. I believe it’s only a woman that has complex that can opt for that. Besides, my husband is not a vain person, he believes in what you have upstairs.  The attraction between my husband and myself is not about the physical.  Basically, you can make yourself beautiful for your man, but I can’t go to the extent of damaging my health.

Let’s talk on another issue, what would you say has changed in you since you married Kayode Salako?

Apart from the fact that I am happier, I also feel complete.  The reason is that now, I have a man that’s more like a friend.  Not that we don’t have misunderstanding sometimes, we argue and argue but we will come to a conclusion. Before I met him, I was always keeping to myself and my children. But after meeting him, I discovered that I have gotten a friend that understands who I am.  And also because of the fact that I have been a single mother for a long time, I now had to relax and allow my husband to take charge of the situation. As a matter of fact, nothing really has changed about me.

...with family

…with family

What are the challenges since you remarried?

Let me tell you the truth, the only challenge I faced was you pressmen.  But at the end of the day, my husband would always tell me, “Foluke, don’t worry you will get out of it.”  Sometimes, I would ask myself, “Foluke, how did you get yourself involved in all these?”  But at times I would ask myself, “Am I doing the wrong thing?”  But my spirit would tell me, “You’re doing something right.”  So, if you’re doing something right, you will definitely find joy in it.  So, that’s exactly my situation at the moment. I am fulfilled marrying my husband.  Apart from the media issue and because of the fact that I have been used to having my children around me, taking decisions on them most times, now when I just do some things myself unconsciously, my husband may ask, “Why are you doing this yourself?  I am supposed to do it.”  I will tell him I am sorry.  But I am happy I have a true friend, someone I can always share my feelings with.

What would you say is the major difference between your first journey into matrimony and your new home?

Like I always say, my first marriage was not mature.  I don’t like apportioning blame because we had our differences. Both of us didn’t pursue the same ideology. That means the marriage wasn’t meant to work. In my first marriage, I was frigid.  It had a lot of ups and downs which I won’t want to go back to.  But in this relationship, I have started enjoying it.  Although, he has his complexes, I have mine as well. But the truth is that this new relationship is more mature, and it’s spiritually alert. Both of us understand the advantages and disadvantages of why we need to keep the marriage.  Aside the fact that we love each other very well, we still need to do everything to keep the union intact. It’s only in a mature relationship that the partners are business partners and they become spiritually compliant and best of friends.  And also, both families are involved in the marriage.  In my first marriage, I thought both families were involved, but at a time I looked back, I discovered I was all on my own.  But in this marriage, it’s a different ball game.

Some people are saying your husband’s ex is still threatening you, what’s your reaction to this?

I went to a TV station, where I had an interview, and when they asked me a similar question, I asked them, “Is my husband not an African?”  They said he is.  When I met my husband, we’re not even looking at marriage at all. It wasn’t as if she was still with my husband when I came in.  She had left on her own.  So, at what point does that now mean a problem to me.  And one thing is sure about them, they have three kids.  So, they always have one or two relationship together.  They still communicate well, they still understand each other.  I believe I had ideological difference in my first relationship, so also in theirs. And they have decided on their own to part so that they can be happy.  She decided to stay apart and Kayode decided to marry me, we all deserve to be happy.  So, left to me, I never had any form of confrontation with Kayode’s ex-wife. Not even for once.

But she said in an interview she granted a soft sell journal (not ENCOMIUM Weekly) that God will fight her battle for her?

In the first instance, have you ever read in the Bible that all the people who were the apples of God’s eyes had one wife?  Then, as it is now, if Kayode goes ahead and impregnates a woman, will I leave him because of that?  Yet, I am not even pregnant.  If I decide to leave my home because my husband is dating another woman or he impregnates a woman, who loses?  At the end of the day, it’s the woman that owns the home and you hold it the way you want to hold it.  So, if because my husband is misbehaving and I decide to quit, I shouldn’t blame another person for coming in.


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