Foluke Daramola, Funke Etti charge students on career and decision making

The Old Students Association of Ojodu Grammar School came up with the idea of organizing a career talk for the JSS3 students with the motive of helping them in the process of choosing a career and decision making. The event was held at Ojodu Grammar School compound with presence of delectable Nollywod actresses; Mrs. Foluke Daramola-Salako and Mrs. Funke Etti. Also the show was graced by other important individuals including the coordinator of the Old Student Association, Mr. Bayo Adetu, the principal of the school and teachers. They all address the students on how to successfully choose a career, the steps to take, and how to avoid mistakes at the course of choosing one’s career.


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‘We want to help them better their career choice and decision making’ -BAYO ADETU

What inspires the idea of brining entertainers together for the career talk?

I believe the youths listen to entertainers more, they easily get convinced by entertainers that they have known but haven’t seen. If you want to get the attention of youths, you should get entertainers and footballer. These are the set of people most of them look up to like their idol. They tend to listen better seeing their idols addressing them. Instead of brining a corporate person, maybe a professor or anybody that they (the youths) don’t know. I have decided t invite entertainers who the students can believe in their word.

Tell us about the career talk. What is the motive?

The career talk is organized for the JSS3 students in other to help them shape their decision in senior classes. Those who are meant to be an art student should not be found in science. The idea is just to help them choose the idea departments that suit them. I was an old student of this school. In my own days, there are lot of mix up, situation whereby students find themselves in a particular department and trying to cope because they don’t belong there. Initially, this leads to mass failure before retracing their step.

The Old Students Association of this school came up with the idea of this career talk. We should be having another edition soon with another theme. I’m the coordinator of the association, also the chairman planning committee for the year.

What’s your advice for the children?

They should be focus, believe in themselves and never to stop chasing their dreams because success doesn’t come like a magic.


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‘They should put  God first and  be hard working’


My name is Funke Etti, I’m a Lagosian. My father is a Lagosian, my mother is from Iwo in Osun State.

Why have you decided to come on board this initiative?

Actually, they called my manager, my manager called me. They called Dare Best that they needed to me, he called me and that is why I’m here talk to the students on how to choose a career for themselves.

What is your advice for youths and teenagers concerning choosing a career?

My advice for the youth is that they should put God first in whatever they want to do, they should be Godly. Whichever religions, be it Christianity or Islam. They should also be humble, they should respect their elders. And most importantly, they have to be hard working in whatever field they find themselves. It is very essential to be hard working that is the only way they can make it to the top.

How do you think one can be successful in one’s chosen career?

It’s hardwork. That is just the main point. You have to be hardworking in whatever career you’ve chosen. Be focused and hardworking, you will surely make it.

Can you tell us how you were able to trace yours?

I just give glory to God. Anytime I grant interview or anytime somebody tells me, wow, I like your work, I just give God the glory because He is the one that has made it possible. It’s not easy, the road may be rough at the beginning but at the end, we got there. I chose my own career because that is what I’ve always wanted to do. It is what I love to do. I respect people and I also pray to God that this is what I want to do. And I back everything up with hardwork, you need to work hard and that is how I found myself where I am today.

Can you expatiate on who you started?

Well, I can remember I was staying with my aunt, my father was late then. I remember when  told her I was going in acting, she was just like, she doesn’t support it because all the actresses she knows are, they don’t live good life, they don’t get married. But I told her that is what I want to do. When I wanted for like two years and she didn’t allow me, I spoke to one of my aunts and she introduced me to one of the marketers that was how I started.

What is your word of advice for the teenagers on choosing a career?

Whatever they are doing, they must learn to put God first. With God, all things are possible.


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‘Students think out of the box to achieve success’ -FOLUKE DARAMOLA

Why have you decided to attend the career talk?

This is my passion. This is what I like to do. I like to impact knowledge into the new generation, I like to impact moral obligation for them to work right starting from now. You know, I like to impact, the fact that the tendency of showbiz should be watered down so that the encouragement for education is increased. So, this is what I love to do.

Your husband is a teacher, do you also have a desire to go that line?

Definitely, even before I met my husband, I always thought of lecturing in a university, that is why I did my masters and pursuing it with my doctorate. I have always had a passion to teach, impact knowledge. Even when I see my husband’s old students that have now grown, that have travelled, it gives me so much joy. I’d like to make an impact and be remembered for the impact I made.

How do you think one can be successful in one’s chosen career?

First, like I said, you must have a sense of responsibility. Two, you must be focused and three like a said, mentorship. You need to have someone that you are looking up to in that line, like somebody that has excelled in that career, obviously, you will get the motivation that inspires you to be like that person. And also, don’t think negatively. If you’re negative or pessimistic in anyway, that can draw you back. And don’t move around people that are pessimistic, move with people that are optimistic about your career.

Not much has been heard of you lately and people are of the opinion that you have a dwindling career.

Not much have been heard about me really because I have been doing more of advocacy work, just like what we are doing here today. A lot of people don’t really know what I have been up to, but I have been working very hard. Even though I don’t act movies anymore. I’m more as popular as those doing movie every day.

About what transpired between you and your fans on instagram, it’s very unlike you. What got you angry?

What got me upset is that, there some things people talk about and cannot back it up. When we talk about gender equality, the role of the men can’t be compared to that of the woman and that is why Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton can’t be presidents of America at the same time. Even the Bible says the man should love the woman and the woman would submit and respect the man. Men’s position can never be over emphasized. I just wanted to drive some message, but obviously I could have just keep quiet, it’s not worth it because at the end of the day when you have a mind set, when you have a bad mind set, there is no how you can change that mind set. But my own position as a gender activist is not for the woman to be competing with the man but to complement the man. The man will always be the head, the woman will be the neck. It doesn’t mean the neck will not put the head in its position, but that position of the woman can never be over emphasized and that of the man can never ruled out.

Tell us your advice for the students on how to be successful in choosing a career?

They should start to think outside of the box. The ability to do things differently helps a lot in attaining success. Also, they should be neat, look good and put God in whatever they are doing.


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