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Foluke Daramola, hubby deny marriage break-up – ‘It’s a tale by moonlight’

POPULAR actress cum film maker, Foluke Daramola-Salako and her husband, Kayode Ezekiel Salako have rubbished social media report that their three year union has collapsed irretrievably.  They added that it’s just a figment of some people’s imagination.

In a phone chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Sunday, November 1, 2015, Daramola expressed discomfort about the publication, labeling those sponsoring it as mischief makers.  She, therefore, urged the public to disregard it totally.

“I think it’s a figment of the imagination of whoever fabricated the rumour.  So, just because my husband travelled to Dublin, Republic of Ireland earlier than I did because I had work to do in Nigeria and I stayed behind with the plan to join him later means we’re separated or divorced?

“I have told whoever cares to listen that my hubby is married to two of us, his first wife and myself. And even if we have issues, we will resolve them without anyone coming between us.

“I am in Dublin now to have a charity ball for my foundation, and Kayode came before me because I was on set when he left Nigeria.  And right now, he is in Toronto  (Canada) for a business deal as well and also to help me finalise another charity ball for Passion Against Rape in Africa (PARA) in Canada.  I don’t know why my marriage to him has become such an issue and for people to go as far as saying it’s because of me that his first wife left.  My hubby is entitled to marry as many women as possible without any animosity.

“I have never thought I would be married to a single man. And Kayode wasn’t single as at the time I married him because he was already involved in a marriage with a woman and he’s still involved with her. I don’t think because a man and a woman have issues means they’re not married.”

Asked to comment on the tale that her hubby has abandoned her for his first wife, she reacted, “My husband is mature and man enough to handle two homes.  So, the issue of my husband fighting or leaving me and going to his first wife is not an issue because we’re all very much in touch. We’re all one big family.

“And if he decides he wants to have another woman, it’s for us to decide and talk about it, not for anyone in the public to decide for us.  But in all, right now, my home is very perfect, and nothing is going wrong.  And by the grace of God, nothing will go wrong.

“My charity ball is on Wednesday, November 5, 2015, with other foreign foundations.  And on Thursday, November 6, we will be visiting some homes of domestic violence victims.  Then, on Friday, November 7, 2015, we will have an after event party.  All these, I am not doing anything alone.  My husband is 100 per cent with me.”

Also reacting to the story, via a Blackberry chat, on Sunday, November 1, 2015, Kayode Salako said, “My brother, it’s all rumour, and nothing but a rumour.  And I am not even interested in encouraging any media controversy about myself over any woman again.  Foluke and I are still together, good and fine.  What brought us together is still there and very strong.

“There is no way you will run a marriage without little issues, especially when the marriage is still young, but those issues are not strong enough to crash the marriage.  Those thinking in that direction are only doing so within their imagination.  Our union is still very much intact.  And I bless God about it.”

Probed further on the other side of the story that he has abandoned the busty thespian for his first wife, he reacted, “That’s laughable.  I left the country with Foluke at the airport with me.  And few days later, she joined me in Dublin, and still saw me off through the Dublin airport on my way to Canada.  I had to be in Dublin first because she had to stay behind for a programme she was already committed to. And she couldn’t come with me to Canada because her British visa would be expiring around the same time with Canada visa.  So, she is going to London, UK while I had to go for a business concern in Toronto, Canada.  I am still in Canada as we speak.

“Now, what’s the evidence that I have abandoned her for my first wife?  There is nothing like that. Even if I have to leave Foluke today, mark my word, it won’t be about my first wife.  And I won’t go back to my first wife unless God says so.  So, whatever they’re writing or saying at home concerning us is sheer rubbish.  It’s very unprofessional and childish to be publishing such a story without making an effort to contact us.  Why can they just be writing without any substantial evidence to prove their story.

“My brother, I married Foluke five months after my first wife left, and the reason that made me to rush into marrying her is still very strong to continue to sustain the marriage.  Please, don’t mind the rumour mongers.  They’re just a bunch of hungry people who are just looking for something to eat through crooked means.  Most of them rely on beer parlour pepper soup joint gists.”

Speaking further, Salako said there is no way he can just get disconnected with his first wife because of Foluke.  He labeled those thinking in that direction as unreasonable.  “I am not a stupid man who will be getting married to new women every month.  Besides, people who don’t want me to have anything to do with my first family are just being unreasonable.  So, I should throw away my three boys because I am married to another woman?  It’s impossible!  I am still good with my first wife and my boys.  They are in America now, and by December, I should go and see them. I talk to them and their mother regularly.  And Foluke and I are good to everybody.

On Saturday, February 15, 2012, Foluke and Kayode Salako walked down the aisle amid controversy after their first relationships packed up irreconcilably.  They have since been flaunting their love everywhere they go.  But a few days back, the news started filtering that the publicly perceived Romeo and Juliet had gone their separate ways.

However, this was totally denied when ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with the couple.  They submitted that all is well with their union.


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