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Foluke Daramola, hubby excited about two years in marriage

IT was celebration galore for well endowed actress cum activist, Foluke Daramola-Salako and her hubby, Kayode Ezekiel Salako as they threw a lavish bash to celebrate the second anniversary of their union.  The two-in-one event which also ‘marked’ Foluke’s birthday held on Sunday, February 15, 2015, at the couple’s residence in Omole, Lagos.  The occasion was a convergence of dignitaries from far and near. 

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with the couple on issues revolving around their two-year marriage and much more.


‘It has been a wonderful experience’ – FOLUKE DARAMOLA-SALAKO

You’re celebrating your birthday and second anniversary of your marriage to Kayode Salako, how do you feel



about the double celebration?

I am really happy and excited about the whole thing.  I can’t thank God enough for His mercies.  It’s not by my might or wisdom, it’s just the grace of God for me to see another year.  Also, I am very happy for my marriage to be strong after two years.

What has changed in your life and career since last year till date?

A lot.  First, my husband and I have bonded more.  Also, I was able to produce a new movie, Cobweb, which is yet to be released.  I think I am more matured now.

How would you describe today’s event?

It’s amazing and I was surprised because I wasn’t expecting the turnout to be this high.  A lot of people came from all walks of life, especially my colleagues including Fathia Balogun, Laide Bakare, Lasun Ray, Moji Olaiya, Bisi Ibidapo-Obe, Teny Benson and others.  In fact, I was elated to see quality people around us today, both within and outside the industry.  I am sincerely grateful to all of them.

Why do you always like giving short notice for your event?

You’re right.  Most times, I am an impromptu person.  I don’t plan for a long time.  Now, I just wanted to have a small get together but it turned out to be a large party.  I believe it’s because people love me, that’s why they attend my event.  I am very happy to have this huge crowd in an evening of this nature.  People from activism world, a lot of All Progressives Congress (APC) stalwarts were here, the media and all that.  I just thought it was going to be something small, not knowing God has another plan for me.  In fact, I am full of joy for the turnout today.

What were the challenges of your marriage within the two years?

I would say because of the fact that I have stayed single for about four years after I quit my first marriage, it was quite difficult to cope initially.  Sometimes, I would take some decisions that could cause a man to feel less of himself and cause crisis between myself and my husband.  But I guess I am learning because the person I am married to is very understanding.  The challenge has been for me to adapt to married life.  It took a long time.  But thank God, I am lucky I have a friend in my husband.  So, he’s very understanding.

How old are you now?

I am in my late 30s.  That’s what I can say.  When I want to celebrate 40, people will surely know that yes, Foluke is 40.

How does it feel adding a year?

It feels good.  But left to me, I don’t really feel anyway different.  Apart from the fact that I have added more weight which I am even trying to work on.  I have to get back to the gym. I feel I am losing shape.  Now that I am getting older, I need to be serious about it because fat is not good for me again, especially when you’re getting close to 40.

What’s the significance of today’s celebration, especially since it’s not a landmark age?

The significance of today’s event is that I am doing two things at a time. I am celebrating my wedding anniversary and birthday together.  And don’t forget, yesterday was Valentine’s day, so I tried to combine everything to celebrate myself and my husband.  I have always been a party person before I got married to my hubby.  I always celebrate my birthday, no matter how small.

But today’s event is very unique and more colourful…

Yes, I didn’t plan it this big but my sister is an event planner.  She just came back from United States of America.  She’s the one who handled the whole thing and gave it a bit of class and order which made the event very glamorous.

How much did it cost to put everything together?

In terms of naira and kobo, I think it’s about N1m.


‘Foluke is one of the best things that has happened to me’ – KAYODE SALAKO



Two years is enough to assess a spouse, how would you describe her so far?

I am a very realistic person.  Foluke is one of the best things that has happened to me.  I am not flattering her nor am I saying this so that people can like her or me.  I have stayed with her for two years and I am proud to be her husband.  She has lived up to expectations.

What have been the challenges of the marriage in the last two years?

The basic challenge of the union was that at a time, Foluke was very stubborn and troublesome but later she came to realize that she never had any other choice than for the marriage to work and she gave in to my control.  I have been in charge while she has been playing the role of a virtuous woman.  Foluke does not sleep around. I know a lot of opportunities she forfeited because she never wanted to play ball.  She is supposed to be the richest actress in Nigeria right now by virtue of her physical endowment.  I know a lot of offers she gets from these so-called big men but because she is committed to the survival of her marriage, her integrity and all that, she constantly turned down the offers.

Foluke is committed to everything concerning her marriage.  And Foluke’s mother too does not support any form of rubbish.  So, Foluke has always been on the path of honour, dignity and respect.  She loves me and I know it because she has proved it.  She is a fantastic home maker.  She cooks very well and I love that.  I had lived with a woman for 13 years, and I can tell you Foluke is an outstanding woman I have ever met.  She is not stingy.  If she feels emotional about any issue, she will let you know.  If there is any problem, you will see it on her face.  And when you’re able to convince her, the thing she saw as a problem is nothing to worry about, she will agree with you and her countenance will brighten up.  Foluke is a celebrity but many people don’t know her.   People can’t know her more than I know her now. She is an epitome of dignity and virtues.  If a woman can choose to be an activist, it means she is a principled person.  And she believes in certain ideologies which are in line with the socio-economic well-being of the society.

You said Foluke was very stubborn and troublesome, how were you able to tame her because every man out there would want to learn from your experience concerning that?

I think what’s more important in every marriage is understanding.  I understand Foluke is stubborn and troublesome about things that go against what she believes.  So, it only took me time to let her realize she can’t be right always because sometimes what she thinks is right could, at times be wrong.  But I thank God she has been trying to balance things, to see things the way I see them.  And I have always let her know that I am the husband.  She can’t be in control as well.  I must not treat her like a slave because she is not.  We can always strike a balance.  Sometimes, she doesn’t have any choice than to let her husband have his way for the marriage to work.

Just like the Yorubas would say, Omo ni ere igbeyawo (children are the reward of marriage).  Are you still hoping for that because that hasn’t happened since two years of being together as husband and wife?

Yes, Foluke desperately wants to have a child for me and I also want it.  But God’s time is the best.  I know I am still performing my duty well in that direction.  We have heard stories of couples waiting on the Lord for 10, 15 years and God answered their prayers.  Ours is just two years. All we need from the public is prayer.  I believe with God everything is possible.  God has spoken and we’re also working towards that.  It will surely come at the right time.

What do you wish your wife on her birthday?

I wish her everything I can wish myself.


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