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‘For everything you win, you would have lost something’ -FAIR PRINCE

Fair Prince is an award winning gospel act, a peace ambassador and presently, the country’s Youth Vice President of the United Nations Polac (UN-POLAC).In 2011, he released his first album entitled, The Outcome which gave him a giant lift in his career. He has just released Thank You part two which featured Eben and Righteousman in other singles. In a chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly, he shared his success secret with us.


Can you tell us what you are working on now?

By His grace, we just finished the part two of Thank You and it’s out.

What inspired it?

A whole lot. Thank You is actually a song of gratitude to God for keeping me till this time. So, I ran to the studio and ever since then, it’s been story to glory. This time around we had to do the part two because of my fans who said they enjoyed the part one which was shot in South Africa so we decided to do something very unique. I invited a very close friend and brother of mine, Eden who came on the track.

Where did you shoot the video?

It hasn’t been shot but we are already in touch with Unlimited L.A who will be shooting it in a couple of months.

How would you describe your experience?

The experience has been very awesome. A lot of people have been calling me that they really love Fair Prince and it’s a song anyone can reckon with. You can play it anytime of the day.

What were the challenges?

The challenges have been; the artistes I would want to work with sometimes might not be around and just send me a message that he is not in the country. That’s just the challenge. But finally, it’s out.

How would you define your style of gospel music?

My style is quite different. I do house gospel. It is a sound that is never found anywhere. It is a sound you can’t just ignore, you have to dance to it. My own style is very unique.

Thank You part one enjoyed massive airplay, can you tell us how it has affected you positively?

It has o. Shooting that video alone outside of this country gave me a giant look because I have a lot of friends out there who are persuading me to come to South Africa to shoot the video which I am still looking at. The experience has really been so rewarding. I have been opportuned to travel out of the country to minister in churches. I have seen people who claim they know me but say they never knew I am big as this (laughs). It has been awesome.

We leant that it has also opened some doors for you politically?

I no be politician o! (laughs) But the truth is, I have friends in the corridors of power. Most of them are very close to me. They are like my brothers and sisters but I am not a politician o (laughs). It has been rewarding.

fair princeI am not saying you are a politician. What I’m saying is we learnt Thank You has opened doors for you among politicians…

Definitely. A song like that is what you can reckon with anytime. Thank You is a song of gratitude. So, if a senator is going back to the house, the likes of us with definitely say ‘thank you Lord for what you have done! Probably that is why I have a lot of politician friends.

How did you feel when your politician friends ask you to perform for them?

It’s definitely every artiste’s dream to get that kind of call, it’s something everyone would feel good about. It’s nice.

There are many gospel songs out there. What distinguishes you from every other gospel artistes?

I think it is the message in it. If you listen to the message it says The moon and the stars, the breeze and the cloud, the birds in the sky they must bow for you. That alone, who no go bow for Baba God? So the message is one that can catapult anyone. It is a message that flows everywhere, it doesn’t matter the time or day it flows.

What would you say is the secret of your success?

I just think my success is just God, nothing but God and hard work. For the likes of us who are ministers of His Word, sometimes you just wake up and see a song written in your heart. The inspiration comes most times when you are sleeping, in dreams, and you just have to put them together and run to the studio to record.

Why did you choose to do gospel?

Gospel has been me. I wouldn’t have seen myself doing anything but gospel judging by the background I came from.  My dad was a chancellor and a knight in an Anglican church. Apart from the background, I think looking at what God has done in my life, I say to myself that I don’t think anyone can take me out of gospel. I need to glorify His name. I wouldn’t have done something else.

How have you been able to juxtapose your position as a gospel artiste and United Nations Youth Ambassador?

Most of the time, I try as much as possible to balance the whole thing. I don’t allow one to surpass the other.

What role has the association played in the transfer of power from Jonathan to Buhari’s administration?

On June 20, we will be having a forum in Abuja where my country’s Youth President, Pastor Dr. Francis, will be drawing a table for us to work on ‘because we are happy everybody wants change.

A lot of people think gospel artistes are not well rewarded in Nigeria. What’s your take on that?

I don’t think that is the truth. You know who you are. Everybody has his stand. You can’t be Michael Jackson and he can’t be you. We are each rewarded, abi I neva chop this morning? You don see me chop naw.

You are talented, famous, and handsome. How do you cope with female admirers?

I define my relationship. I just cope. I chat with everybody. You will hardly see me in places without making friends.

A lot of gospel artistes are prone to scandal. How have you been able to stay off scandals?

I simply stay out of trouble. I don’t step on peoples toes neither will I let anyone step on my toes. I just try to stay out of trouble.

Who are those you plan to work with on your next project?

A lot of people but I can’t start mentioning them. The three singles that came out had Eben and Righteousman.

As a gospel artiste would you feature any hip-hop artiste or would you accept any hip-hop artiste to feature you?

I wouldn’t know. I accept everybody to work on my song but not to the extent where I’ve you on my song and give it out to my fans. I don’t just bring anybody to do a song with me. I’ve a lot of friends in the secular industry.

What’s your philosophy of life?

It’s just for everything you win, there is something you have lost.

Would you say that’s your driving force?

It has always been.


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