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Former Miss Malaika Bisi Rahaman weds Bonny James Olong

Still basking in the euphoria of their new status, Bonny James and Olabisi Olong chatted with ENCOMIUM Weekly about how they found love.  The newly-wed who were joined in matrimony on Saturday, March 31, 2012, also revealed the sterling qualities they cherish about each other.

Parents and friends of the couple also spoke to ENCOMIUM Weekly.


‘How he won my heart’

  • Olabisi Rahaman


This is a beautiful day for you, you just quit spinsterhood, how does it feel?

I am very, very happy. I am glad I have never seen myself this happy before. I am happy that I married the best man, it’s a wonderful feeling, we give God all the glory.

When actually did the journey start?  The way we see both of you it appears you have been together for 10 years?

We met last year, 2011 through a friend.  He introduced me to him and that’s how we started. I actually met him in his house, I was taken to his house by a friend and coincidentally we met and ever since then we have found love and here we are married.

Many believe it’s difficult winning the heart of a beauty queen, how did your husband win your heart?

Beauty queen is just a title, it’s just a name.  Miss Malaika, Miss Nigeria are just titles.  The person itself matters, I am Bisi Rahaman.  He saw me, he didn’t see me as a beauty queen or a model, he saw me as someone who is beautiful inside and outside.  Anyone can win anybody’s heart no matter the personality.  I think I have a good personality and that is what he saw, he went for who I am and not what I am.

You are from Kwara Stte and your husband is from Benue, how easy was the intercultural union for you?

We are all Nigerians, I am from Kwara State and he is from Benue State.  We are all one Nigeria.  We are all created by God and we are one family, love breaks barriers, love does not know tribe or ethnic or language. In my family, my father does not have issues with who we marry.  So do I.  My younger sister got married to a man from Kano, my other sister got married to a tribe outside Kwara.  There is no problem with whom we got married to as long as there is love between both of us.

How did he actually propose to you?

He invited me to his house, we were talking, he had this music on. Wizkid’s I love my baby, I actually don’t like noise but it was too loud and I was like this thing is too loud can you reduce the volume, he went into his room and came out with a ring.  He went down on his knees and asked if I could marry him and of course, I said yes, that’s why we are here today.

bisi4What are those qualities that you cherish about him?

He is very hard working, he is very intelligent.  I call him my mentor because I learn from him every minute.  He loves what he does, he loves his job, he is very gentle, reserved and understanding.

Have you both agreed on how many kids you are going to have?

When we were having our counseling in church, my pastor said we are going to have two and half kids.  So, we are still looking at anyone God gives us, it doesn’t matter.

Where are you spending the honeymoon?

Not yet, we have different options like Cape Town in South Africa, Dubai, there is England.  I am sure after the marriage we will decide on one.


‘She is my kind of woman’

  • Bonny James Olong


How were you able to win the heart of Bisi, a former beauty queen and model?

You don’t need to do something hard to win somebody, all you have to do is just be real, be nice, just love the person and surely that person will come to you.  That’s what happened in our case.

How did you actually meet her?

It was through my friend, it’s not something we expected to happen, it just came naturally.  Not through me but through my good friend from London and we started flowing naturally from our first meeting.

When did it occur to you to marry her after you dated for some months?

When I realized she understands me, she was always there even at my worst moment she knows and understands.  I look at all other girls, everybody and I thought to myself, she is the one for me.

What are those qualities you cherish about her?

She is brilliant, beautiful and she is just the one I want to be with.


Bride’s parents open up


‘God brought them together’

  • Chief Rahaman, bride’s father

How do you feel today sir?

I want to thank God for sparing my life to witness my daughter’s wedding ceremony.  We have been preparing for the last one month and I thank God everything went as planned.  It’s marvelous.

This should not be the first time any of your children is getting married?

No, one of my children did her own in 2008, followed by my first daughter in 2009 and now it’s Bisi’s turn and we are all happy about it.  I pray God gives me long life to witness more. One of my children, Tunde is abroad, he loves to be here today but due to one thing or the other, he couldn’t make it.  He is married and my last born is in the University of Ilorin, he was born in Moscow when I was still in service.

What was your first impression about Bisi’s husband?

My impression about him was excellent.  It was like God brought them together.  Bisi’s father-in-law is my colleague in the Nigerian Airforce.  We were enrolled into the Airforce the same day and we started the same day in Kaduna.  We were also posted out the same day and we left the service in July 2001.  I am very proud about that.  We are experiencing an Airforce family.

What’s your prayer for them?

In anything you do, you are bound to encounter problem, but talk to God about it.  Her mother died in 1997, may her soul rest in peace. I am going to feel Bisi’s absence around me because I love her so much.  Today, I have started feeling the vacuum that will be created but she must be married and have her own family.


‘She will have many children’

  • Ayodele Rahaman, bride’s stepmother

You are standing in the place of mother of the bride, how does that make you feel?

I am more than joyous that Olabisi is now in her husband’s house.  She will have many children in her house.  She took care of me while she was still at home, my God will provide caring children for her.  It will not be difficult for her.


Groom’s parents reveal their wish for the couple


Mrs. Patricia Olong

What is your impression about the whole ceremony?

Beautiful, colourful and nice. I am happy for them.  Everything went on normally and what more could we have asked for.

What’s your prayer for them?

God will give them long life and prosperity, and many children.


‘They should be tolerant’

  • James Olong

Can we meet you?

I am Mr. James Olong. I am a retired Airforce officer from the Nigerian Airforce.

From what you have seen, how will you describe the scenario at the wedding?

It’s lovely, I am happy to be part of it. The family of the bride are very nice people, they are excellent, good people, honest, accommodating and God fearing.

How will you want to advice the couple?

They should be tolerant, to love each other and to put God first.  They should allow God to rule their house.


Goodwill messages pour in torrents


“My prayer is that she will find joy and happiness in her husband’s house.  She will find peace and love.  When there is God in a relationship, then it will surely succeed.  They have their foundation on solid rock so they will live long and bear many children.”

  • Jennifer Job


“I wish Bisi so many love, God’s blessings, God’s favour and happiness.  I wish her the best, everything she wish for herself, everything good.”

  • Warebi Martha


“I wish Bisi all the best of luck, all the best in her marriage and many nice children.”

  • Nikki Delicia


“I am very happy for Bisi. I wish her a fruitful union, I hope to be with them maybe in nine months to come and celebrate the arrival of a new baby.  I wish her all the best.”

  • Ishioma Onyebo

 – This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, April 3, 2012

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