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Former Mr. Nigeria, Deji Bakare Unveils New Single, ‘Shamije’

Former Mr. Nigeria, Deji Bakare is doing well for himself. His modelling school has produced models making waves in the industry. He has also featured in a drama series ruling the airwaves now. He is set to release a single, Shamije on Thursday, October 1, 2015.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had an interview with him about his music, love life and sundry issues…


How and when did you discover you could do music?

I have been into music from school, that was in my 200 level. I have a passion for music. It is just that I didn’t develop it like I should have done then.

We were just moving from campus to campus entertaining. I had a group called Represent, a four member group – three guys and a lady.

Tell us the genre of music you do?

I will call it Afro hip hop. A fusion of rap and RnB. As I continue to grow in the industry, I will infuse other genres into it.

Between modelling and singing, which do you have preference for and why?

I was lucky to have won Mr. Nigeria. Right now, with my knowledge of modelling, it requires everything. It also depends on the aspect of modelling you choose to do. If today they call me for a modelling job, I will definitely go. I like the two. I enjoy the two.

Once you are an artist, you can project the two, they are different aspects of entertainment.

What inspired Shamije and what is it all about?

I met a producer who encouraged me to go to the studio. His name is Boldface. So, I decided to work on it. Shamije is like a slang. It is for the ladies and men who find themselves in a situation of hit and run. What I mean by hit and run is, a lady meets a guy, collects all she wants from him and disappears. I just believe you have to get something catchy to push out there.

Will you say Shamije is a personal experience?

It is the experience of people around me. What they have been through and all that. It is about what is going on in the society.

Why is it coming two years after your first single?

I have been into other projects. I believe I must have the right mindset to do music. For instance, I was in the mood to do Dreams in Colour. I was able to tell people they can actually dream and get it in good colours. Basically, I was busy doing other things and waiting for the right moment to go into this as well.

It can take two or three years, talent is talent. Once you have it, you can make use of it anytime. It will always be there. It is not just about singing, but the song should reach out to your fans in a positive way. I am also working on an album. I think I am in the mood to do music now. I was encouraged by the response I got from the collaboration I had with an international act called DT, In My Time. It was well received outside the country.  I will definitely push my album out soon.

What is happening to your modelling career, we hardly see your face in the industry since you set up your modelling school?

I travelled about a year ago. I was in Canada. I went to a modelling school and had a diploma in modelling before coming back to set up my own school here. I guess that is why my face has been missing in action.

But I have done a major job since I came back. I featured in a drama series which is on air now. While I was away, my colleagues were also striving, so, it is a good thing to give way for other people to move up. But, I am back now in full swing.

How is your modelling agency doing now?

Slow and steady. A lot of people out there don’t really have funds to start modelling school. Some people will enroll and ask you if they will get jobs immediately they graduate from school. Setting up a school has its challenges but we are coping

I will appeal to parents to allow their children develop their talents. Nowadays, it is not all about the white collar jobs again but about the skills the person has.

Nothing is known about your love life, are you in a relationship?

I try to keep away my personal life from my business life. I don’t believe in putting my love life out there. It cannot go with business. Abroad, it works for them. A lot of people celebrate their relationships on pages of newspapers, but we are Africans, it doesn’t work like that here.

Are you in a relationship?

Yes, I am.

When are you likely to settle down?

If I settle down, it is about my happiness. When the time comes, I will definitely do that.

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