Four out, four made it to the finale in Big Brother Hotshots

Four more housemates have been booted out of Big Brother Hotshots. The host, IK Osakoduwa, sure knows how to inject suspense and tension in the house.

He asked the nominated housemates to stand. He then asked Sheillah and Tayo if their fans had kept them in the game and immediately told Idris, Goitse and JJ to sit. IK clearly loved the drama and the tension. Sipe and Ellah were also told to sit and Tayo was told to sit. This meant that Sheillah and Trezagah were evicted.

Goitse and Ellah were the second eviction of the night making them the 17th and 18th housemates to be given the boot. It was time to bid those remaining a hearty farewell. They were so close yet so sadly, they had to go. With only a week to go to the finale, this was a tough eviction but the dames walked the plank with style and grace.

Following her country mates earlier exit, Goitse was the second and last Botswanan in the house. Sheillah had become her competitor in the game. For only a glimmering moment there it looked like she had won them over but her turn was here.

The cool, calm and collected Goitse always treaded with composure. And it was with the very same measure that she accepted her fate as her name was announced alongside Ellah’s. Later, Sipe was seen wiping tears from her eyes.

With the most number of nominations in the season and after being saved many times, Uganda’s beauty queen, Ellah had reached her tether and the time had finally come for her burning fire to be extinguished. Her frequent appearance on the nominations list followed by the fact that Africa was always saving and positioned her as a strong contender and thus threat in the game.


According to this week’s numbers, Ellah, Goitse, Sheillah and Trezagah received the least number of votes. Here are the results:

Ellah had vote from Uganda, Goitse from Botswana, Idris from Kenya, Namibia, Tanzania, JJ from Zimbabwe,  Sheillah from South Africa,  Sipe from Malawi, Zambia, Tayo from Ghana, Nigeria, Rest of Africa, Rwanda, Trezagah from Mozambique,

Five house mates were tied on one country vote each. The tie-breaker rules therefore applied and the four contestants with the lowest percentage votes for all countries were evicted.


It seemed Nigeria might bring back the cash prize for the fourth time. Africa has been voting for him since he got on the Hotshots. He was placed on eviction once, after which he usually scale the eviction ordeal. He had the highest votes from last week, that placed him among the four final contenders. Others included Sipe, JJ  and Idris.


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