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Fresh Brexit referendum demanded as economy suffers

Already, there are agitations for a fresh referendum on the future of Britain in the European Union just barely a day after those who wanted an exit won by 52 percent to 48. There are petitions demanding that the government should conduct a new poll since the margin of victory was less than 20 percent. They also argue that less than 75 percent of eligible voters participated in yesterday’s referendum.

Parliament may be encouraged to listen to the agitators in the coming weeks as signatures of those who want a new referendum crossed 100,000 in just a few hours following Brexit victory.
The attention received by the website where petitioners visited was so huge that it crashed this morning.
Leave votes was actually 51.9 percent, and remain stood at 48.1 percent. The total votes for leave was 17,410,742, and remain settled at 16,141,241. The margin was 1,269,501 votes, and only 72.2 percent of the electorates participated.
Since the petition has more than 120,000 signatures by this afternoon (Friday, June 24), Parliament must discuss the issue. You only need 10,000 signatures to get Parliament’s attention.

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