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Fresh details of 17 year old Orebiyi’s murder in London

Hours after the painful murder of 17-year-old A-Level student in west London, Folajimi Orebiyi (a Yoruba boy from South West, Nigeria), fresh information explains what caused the horrific incident and reactions from family members.

Folajimi, an A-level student at Chelsea Academy, west London,  was stabbed to death little distance away from his residence.

His distraught mother (Adeyinka Bankole) who was being comforted by family members at their home as she grieved over the death of her son said : “He was a good, very clever boy; he was not involved in gangs and it is a tragedy that someone who is genuinely a good person gets caught up in this.

“We are all devastated by his death and all of us are grieving.”

Here are some details surrounding Orebiyi’s death…

  1. Fola Orebiyi, was stabbed to death in Portobello Road near a shop which featured in 1999 Hugh Grant p’s film, Notting Hill.
  1. He was chased by youths on bicycles at around 8.45pm on Sunday,July 3, 2016, after a fight broke out on a neighbouring estate.
  1. According to a witness, Fola was reportedly defending a friend: ‘I know what happened; he was protecting a friend over a silly beef which turned violent.’
  1. Efforts by Police, air ambulance officials and paramedics to save Fola Orebiyi failed, he died at the scene of attack.
  1. A 15-year-old boy and two 16 year olds have been arrested on suspicion of murder and they are currently being questioned at a central London police station.
  1. Tributes have been paid to him in West London, with friends describing him as a ‘lovely boy’.
  1. The result of a post-mortem examination scheduled for Tuesday at Westminster Mortuary is yet to be made public.

A cousin who described him as a “caring and lovely” boy with a bright future said: “All we have been told is that he was stabbed in the neck.”

A witness at the scene described it as ‘traumatizing’, and said she had watched the failed attempts of the police to bring him back to life after he collapsed. She explained, “It took half an hour for the ambulance to arrive, even though there are hospitals all around. I spoke to the person who called the police and he said it took them so long to get here. The police were all on him trying to resuscitate, all I could see were his feet and lots of blood.”

Being a mother, she further lamented bitterly: “I’m a mum, for me this is so sad, that’s someone’s child. That’s someone’s baby.”

“My son and Fola were friends since they were in nursery. He was such a lovely boy, so intelligent and never in any gang. I am just so sad…” remarked the mother of one Fola’s childhood friends.

One of the late boy’s allies said: “He was a sociably guy, he loved being with his friends. He loved football and definitely wanted to go to university.”

Fola’s 21 year old brother, Ola Orebiyi, an anti-knife crime campaigner said, ” Never could l think l would be imagining what your last moments were like, how cold you must have been, how scared you were and l’m sorry. l’m sorry l wasn’t there to protect you like a big brother should, even though yiu were bigger”.

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