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Fresh fuji battle breaks out over Obesere’s Alhaji Agba title

The rancour in fuji circuit will soon rear its ugly head again as controversy has started trailing the title of Alhaji Agba recently conferred on leading fuji star and Paramount King of Music, Alhaji Abass Akande (Obesere) by some fans of the genre.

Encomium Weekly was informed by an industry source that since the Asakasa crooner pronounced himself the Alhaji Agba of fuji publicly in one of his shows recently in Lagos and also released an album to that effect, some of his colleagues have started lambasting him, describing his action as a way of causing disunity in fuji house. And not only that, a disrespect to the likes of General Kollington Ayinla, a.k.a Kebe n Kwara, Alhaji Iyanda Sawaba (Pata Olokun), Alhaji Ayinde Wasiu Anifowose, otherwise known as K1 De Ultimate and others.

Some of them, we were told, are now battle ready to tackle the Ibadan, Oyo born musician and this, no doubt, will spur controversy which may take the genre eternity to resolve.

“Fuji musicians have started their wahala again. This time around, it’s mainly between Obesere and other younger colleagues, especially those loyal to K1.Since Obesere got the title of Alhaji Agba, a lot of them have kicked against it. Some believe since the death of Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Balogun (Barrister) who created fuji and remained the Alhaji Agba of the genre till death, the next in command is Kollington. So, he should be next Alhaji Agba who all other fuji acts will be paying homage to as an elder as the title implies, and not Obesere. And as it’s now, Obesere has his loyalists also among some of his younger colleagues who have seen nothing wrong in installing him Alhaji Agba.”

The source disclosed further that some ardent followers and fans of K1 insisted the whole thing was masterminded by Obesere to cause another round of unhealthy rivalry between himself and Oluaye of fuji as K1 is also known.

“The issue will soon be blown beyond proportion. I learnt some of the followers of K1 within the genre and some of his addicted fans are saying Obesere deliberately imposed himself as Alhaji Agba. After all, he is not the oldest in the genre right now. They even accused him of disrespecting K1. I learnt they have vowed not to respect him either.”

However, a popular fuji act, who preferred not to be mentioned commented, “I can’t be worried about that. People should understand it’s all entertainment. How can Obesere be installed Alhaji Agba when Kollington Ayinla is alive? Even K1 can’t call himself Alhaji Agba now. Anyway, I have no interest in that. What’s important is how the genre will move forward.”

Reacting to the issue on Saturday, September 19, 2015, Obesere said, “I owe nobody any apology about that. After all, I didn’t install myself Alhaji Agba. It’s fuji fans that gave me the honour. I think it’s just envy for anybody to say he’s quarreling about that. Even K1 can’t say he is not happy about it. It’s not about age, according to those that gave me the title.

“Even, I have released an album in respect of that. Anybody who is still not satisfied can get a clearer picture of the whole thing.”


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